Photo A Day Challenge

This post is way overdue, as are most of my posts these days. As one of my 25 Things, I decided to do a Photo A  Day Challenge. First I was going to follow one of those prompts that people post all over the internet, but after looking some up, and finding that they are not for me, I decided to just force myself to take a picture a day. To keep myself accountable, I posted them on Instagram. It was challenging because it forced me to find beauty in regular, daily things, and let’s face it–I live a lot of boring days. So doing this actually forced me to go out and find things to take pictures of sometimes. I’m glad I did it, but I won’t be forcing myself into another photo a day challenge again. I was annoyed of myself by like day seven, so I can only imagine how my poor Instagram followers felt. I did skip a day, but I don’t feel bad about it. Of course I picked a month that has 31 days in it instead of 30 to do a daily challenge, so I figured that since I only skipped one day, I still posted 30 pictures, and that was good enough for me. And for the record, I did take some pictures on my lost day but I just decided that they were not worthy of posting (and, as you’ll see below, I wasn’t that selective with some of them, so that just tells you how bad the pictures were on the lost day). So here they are, in the order in which they first appeared (I skipped May 7th):











And that was that.

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