Six Months In | 2013

Last year I made a post about the first six months of the year so that I could remember better, instead of trying to make a post about the entire year in December. I’m glad I do these posts though, because I fear that my memory of events is getting worse as I get older. Ugh.

I welcomed in the New Year with Jonathan. We went and watched Les Miserables, which was wonderful, and ate lots of Pizza Hut, which was also wonderful, haha.

On the second day of the year, I sang the National Anthem at the SF Bulls game, thanks to Gwen setting me up with another gig. That was not my best performance–I was not prepared for how cold it was out on the ice–but it wasn’t horrible either, and it was still fun. Steph, Mom, and I stayed for a little bit for the game, which was cool since we had never been to a hockey game.

I started babysitting Isabelle in January, which was wonderful. Oh how I miss her. My sister is going to watch her now that I’m in Boston, so that’s nice.

I can’t believe she’ll be a year old next month!

Then for my birthday, I took a long weekend and headed to Disneyland with Summer. Steph came on my actual birthday. I had never been on my actual birthday, so that was a lot of fun. We made up our own hashtag for Instagram: #quarterdownthewishingwell. Oh, 25…


We had a long weekend. There was crying.

That following weekend, I sang the National Anthem for Chris Chan’s birthday party/Kung-Fu demonstration. Tiff came with me. It was cool hanging out in Chinatown.

The following week, Rachael and I went and saw Wicked. I can’t watch the show or listen to the music without crying, so yes, I pretty much cried the entire time. But it was just so very good. Can’t wait to see it again!

For the last weekend in January, I was supposed to have a later birthday dinner with Tiff and Sarah. Instead they ended up surprising me by having a bunch of friends at dinner. I had spent the day with Franklin at the Academy of Science and had no idea. He’s good at keeping secrets. That was super sweet of my friends.

I got strep throat right at the beginning of February. It was horrible. I spent Super Bowl weekend miserably wrapped up in blankets in front of my Dad’s TV, since he was on vacation during that time. Which also meant I had to take care of myself while I was sick. And who likes doing that? Nobody. The answer is nobody.

I celebrated Lincoln’s birthday by rounding up my co-workers and watching Lincoln at the theater by our work, since movies there are only $5 on Tuesdays. That was so fun. I love that movie so much.

We also moved Mom in February and then the following weekend moved me back to South City. So a lot of moving occurred during this month. That was not so pleasant. Moving things is no fun.

I drove down to Simi Valley for the first weekend in March. I went and saw Sam’s play, Little Shop of Horrors, which was super good. It was extra fun since I had never seen it before, and since Sam was the lead. That Sunday Summer and I went to Reality LA and then to a place called The Pie Hole for lunch, which was super good. You can’t go wrong with pie, either sweet or savory.

On March 14, I met Vernon Davis, since he became a new Jamba Juice franchise owner. Later that day, I celebrated Pi(e) Day with Tiff, Noelle, and Eric, and the next day watched Oz: the Great and Powerful (in 3-D) with Megan. That following weekend, Dad and I visited Valerie and the kids, which is always fun. That week, Rachael, Sarah T., Laurel, and I went to Homeroom in Oakland for dinner then met up with Keith and his girlfriend to see Jersey Boys. It was not my favorite musical, but I’m glad we got to see it and have some co-worker bonding. We had to see it with Keith, since he’s from New Jersey, so we had our very own Jersey boy (ha).

Later in the month, Steph came home for Spring Break, so that was nice.

Ah, the start of baseball. The first Saturday of April was spent at AT&T Park, where we all got our Buster Posey bobbleheads. That following Tuesday we returned for the World Series snow (well, actually, confetti) globes.

Later in the month, Summer and I visited Boston. I remember being at work the day of the marathon–we were all keeping tabs on Mike W. since he was running in it. That day, driving home from work, I remember feeling physically in pain as my heart broke for the city. It still hasn’t sunk in that I now live here.

For Mom’s birthday, Lily, Mom, and I went to Andretti’s, where Lily is on-call, and then to the Castillo di Amorosa for some wine-tasting. It was such a fun and relaxing day. We were a little bummed about not making it to Bouchon Bakery before closing, but there will be other times I suppose.

I went down to Santa Barbara to visit Steph for the first weekend of May. It was nice to be back in SB and just relax for the weekend with Steph.

On May 9, Mom and I went to see Mary Poppins the musical at the Orpheum for Mother’s Day. I definitely like the movie better because Julie Andrews, but it was fun seeing the musical too. On the day of Mother’s Day, she and I drove down to Moraga and had dinner at La Costanera, a Venezuelan restaurant. It was kind of fancy and expensive, but it was fun trying all the different foods. And their chocolate lava cake was the best dessert I’ve eaten in my life. And yes, I have eaten a lot of dessert. I’d fly back there just for that.

Later that week, Alex, Lily, and I met up for sushi in Fairfield. It was nice catching up together after not having been altogether for so long.

The next week, we went to a Giants game, which was one of the coldest games I’ve been to. Eck. It was a good game though, so it was worth it.

Dad and I visited Valerie and the kids again, and had a nice time playing with the kids in the jungle gym thing at McDonald’s.

On June 1, we BBQed in Mom’s backyard and then Lily and I went and watched The Great Gatsby. We both really liked it. I’m glad I didn’t re-read the book before watching the movie, because then I was able to enjoy the movie as a movie, instead of comparing it to the book. As we watched, scenes I had slightly remembered from my reading it junior year of high school came back though, and the movie was actually pretty true to the book, so that was good.

The rest of June was a whirlwind of events. I sort of secured a room to sublet for the summer here in Boston, and all in the same weekend, ended up getting an apartment here for the year (which is where I’m now living). That same weekend, Tiff and I went up to Franklin’s work’s cabin and met up with Sarah, Brian, Jeremy, and Franklin. Chris came up for the day too. It was nice hanging out altogether like that one last time, since at that point I knew that I would be moving. That Monday, I gave my notice at work, and my Boston move became more real.

The next weekend, we went down to SB for Steph’s graduation. It was good to be back, and fun watching Steph graduate. And of course, we had to have a celebratory dinner at none-other than the oh-so lucrative Chick-fil-a. Haha.

That following week, I met up with Danny after not having seen each other since September, went to the Giants game with Rachael, had one last dinner with Rachael, Bryan, Irene, Jonathan, and Daniel, watched Warm Bodies with Jonathan, packed for Seattle, and flew to Seattle with Steph to visit Valerie (which you can read about here). That same weekend, someone contacted me about a payroll position in Boston, which is the job I will be starting soon.

The following Monday we had a reunion with women’s group, which was super good since Megan was moving to Austin and I was moving to Boston, and we hadn’t all been together since last June!

That Friday, Lily, Mom, and I all left work early so that we could all drive down to Anaheim, after picking up Steph at home. That was such a fun weekend. It was my last Disney trip before I moved, and Lily had never been to California Adventure, so it was fun showing her around. The drive there and back went by super quickly, since we all spent the time talking. Well, Mom mostly talked, so much so that by the end of the weekend she had practically lost her voice, but it made the drives feel short nonetheless.

And now that brings us to July. July 1 was my going away get-together with my co-workers at Prizefighter. It was nice to just hang out for one last time.

David wore his Mickey shirt for me.
Doing the “Rachel” pose with Margot.

The next night was my last time babysitting Isabelle. Steph came too so that she could get familiar with the routine and stuff, so that was fun.

That next night was another going away get-together, but this time mostly with Reality and high school friends, at Jamber. That place is so cool, and it turned out that the guy who was taking our orders is from just outside of Boston. So crazy.

Our prom pose picture.
Boba ice cream!

The next day was the 4th of July, so we spent it at Mom’s BBQing with some family. It was super hot but nice to all get together like that. I’ll miss sitting out in Mom’s backyard till midnight, haha.

That weekend was the first chance I had to start packing, since I was all booked up since finalizing the decision to move. I ended up having waaaaay move stuff to bring than I had anticipated, so the whole packing situation proved to be stressful. That Sunday was my last Sunday at Reality SF. Francis Chan spoke, and after service, Tarik, Dave D., Erika, a few others, prayed over me to sort of send me off. Fortunately, seven bags, one carry-on, and one backpack later, I was for the most part packed by the end of the weekend.

July 8 was my last day at Jamba. It was sort of weird, because even though I knew it was my last day working there, it didn’t feel like it. I guess I figure I’ll see a lot of those people again, and even if I don’t, I’m sure we’ll stay in touch thanks to social media. And if we don’t–well, that’s alright, too, I suppose. It was just weird. After work I hung out and worked on packing up the things I was leaving behind.

The next day, for my last day in SF, Steph and I visited the Academy of Science to make some more use of my membership. On Tuesdays, they have early entry for members, so we got to go in an hour before it opened to the public. That was fun. As we were leaving, I decided to ask if I could transfer my membership to Steph since I was moving, even though I figured they would say no. I’m so glad I asked though, because the girl let us! She said since we were both there and I was able to explain why I wanted to transfer it, she could do it. So now Steph has a whole six months left in the membership, so that’s cool. Once we were home, I worked on organizing a little more. Noelle stopped by to say hello and good-bye, and then it was time to head to the airport.

I was a little worried that there would be issues with some of my bags being overweight, but overall, two were about 1.5 pounds over but that was no problem. The Virgin employee was so nice, too. My flight out of SFO had been delayed by two hours or so, but since I needed to make a connecting flight out of LAX, she bumped me up to an earlier flight. It ended up not mattering though, since my flight out of LAX ended up being delayed too, but still.

After a torturous, sleepless red eye flight, where a baby decided to scream his head off the. entire. time, I arrived at Logan International Airport. I headed over to baggage claim and got two carts. All of my bags arrived safely and soundly, and I was able to arrange them all perfectly on the two carts. A Virgin employee, who probably thought I was ridiculous, helped me push one while I pushed the other over to an area near the taxis so that I could sit and wait. My roommate wasn’t home yet, so I hung out at the airport for a little bit. Heidi ended up texting me that she was on her way home right about the time Amie was getting off of her plane, so things worked out pretty perfectly. Amie pushed one cart for me while I pushed the other over to the taxis. The taxi van man loaded all my bags into the van, and then unloaded them onto the sidewalk once we arrived at my apartment. Heidi came out and practically carried all of my bags up the stairs and into my room, and then I was home.

The first half of 2013 has been crazy, in a good way. I never thought I would be living on the other side of the country (the ocean is on the wrong side here, guys). The humidity is like something I have no recollection of ever experiencing. It’s pretty horrible. But I look forward to the adventures that await.

One thought on “Six Months In | 2013

  1. Wow, you've had such a crazy year already. hahah that crying pic is so great. saving.
    I'm sad we can't have our sort-of-monthly visits. ughhhhhhh.

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