Visiting Boston

Exactly a month ago today, Summer and I were in Boston. A month ago. Oh how I miss it.

Since I’ve been meaning to post all about Boston for a while (a month) now, I figured that the monthaversary of my trip would be a nice time to do so.

Day One:
I flew from SFO to LAX and met up with Summer so that we could take a red eye together out to Boston. I don’t think I’m a fan of red eyes, but I’m glad we got to fly over together. We arrived in Boston at about 7:20 AM (a little late since our flight was delayed out of LAX), and Amie picked us up and took us to her apartment so that we could drop off our bags. We then had a lovely breakfast at The Paramount in Beacon Hill. After that, we hung out at Amie’s apartment some more and got to check out her amazing view.

photo cred: Amie, taken the day after the Boston Marathon bombings

Summer and I walked around Boston a little while since we couldn’t check into our hostel yet. Then Amie drove us over and we pleasantly checked in, where we were also offered one of the best chocolate chip cookies ever. Our room was small and cozy, and Summer quickly put her interior design skills to use as we rearranged the furniture. We know how to make ourselves right at home. After napping and showering (and discovering that I had accidentally brought two right-footed flip-flops), we decided to have dinner at Picco, a pizza place Summer’s friend had recommended. There turned out to be a 45 minute wait, and since we were so hungry, we decided to go across the street to Emilio’s, and it was a really good decision. The pizza was so greasy and good, and definitely just what we needed after our night of traveling. After dinner, we took the T to the North End and got cannolis at Mike’s, then, after walking up and down Hanover Street and unsuccessfully finding a place to sit and eat them, we went into Thinking Cup, where I got a pot of tea and Summer got Parisian hot chocolate before calling it a night.

Day Two:
Summer and I had made big plans for Friday, but upon waking up (early) to start the day, we discovered that the whole city was closed due to the Boston Marathon Bomber Manhunt. Since going to Cambridge to visit Harvard was out of the question, and both the symphony and the Red Sox game we were going to attend were cancelled, we didn’t really have much to do. Our hostel fortunately served breakfast every morning, so after eating that, we hung around the hostel and napped. Finally, by about 2 or 3 PM, we were hungry, and were told that tourists were out walking around Boston Common. We decided to head out and see what we could, and if someone asked us to go back inside, we would. We walked up and down Tremont Street looking for a place to eat, but the only place that was open was good ol’ Emilio’s. So we went there again and watched the news and people (some tourists, joggers, and dog-walkers were all out). Then, in pursuit of an open Starbucks, we ventured deeper into the city. Just about everything was closed (including all coffee shops), and hardly anybody was out walking around. It was very strange–very post-apocalyptic.

the Old State House and the site of the Boston massacre
empty Boston streets (except for those guys… and us)
Cheers replica bar and a deserted Quincy Market
Old South Meeting House and our view for our walk back to the hostel

Once we had seen all that we could see, we headed back to our room. Shortly after, we found out that the suspect was found on a boat in someone’s backyard in Watertown, MA. Yes, a boat on land in a town called Watertown. Anyway, we went down to the Movie Room to watch the news until he surrendered and the city celebrated his capture. We headed out to 21st Amendment to meet up with Amie. It had been one crazy week, but it was so cool being out there as everyone signed a breath of bittersweet relief. After that we headed to Boston Common, where college kids were making the most of having something to cheer for. Satisfied with our boring-turned-exciting day, we took the T and walked back to the hostel (in the rain).

Day Three:
Since the Red Sox game had been cancelled the night before, we decided we would try to go to the game on Saturday instead, especially since it would be the team’s first day back since all the events of the week. We T’ed it over to Fenway Park, and enjoyed a walk through the beautiful streets of Brookline before finally making it over to the ballpark.

After purchasing some Red Sox gear and procuring our tickets (thanks to Ben and his wonderful brother), we prepared for emotions and baseball. They held a special tribute for the victims, first-responders, others affected, and to the city of Boston. We then got to be a part of a new tradition: the singing of the National Anthem together. It was all very emotional, and we were so glad we got to be there for it. After a long game, the Red Sox won and we left the park victorious.

After the game we spent some time in Barnes and Noble before getting clam chowder at America’s oldest restaurant, Union Oyster House. After chowdah, we walked around the city some more, then went to the original Thinking Cup for dessert.

Day Four:
On Sunday we went to church at Reality Boston then went to Cambridge so that Summer could see Harvard.

And yes, if you’re anything like us, the songs from Legally Blonde: the Musical are stuck in your head the entire time you’re there. After Harvard, we went to the Ballet House to see if we could win tickets to see The Book of Mormon via their raffle. We entered, and then realized that, if we won, we’d need to pay $25 each in cash for our tickets. Between the two of us, we only had $44. We needed to be there for the drawing, which started at 4:30 PM, but since we didn’t have enough money and it was already 4:22, we decided to RUN to the nearest ATM, and run we did. So fast, in fact, that we made it back to the theater at 4:28. Except we didn’t win. So since we had an evening ahead of us with nothing to do, we decided to check out an improv show in the North End that Summer had seen and heard of called Improv Asylum. Since it was a Sunday night, the show was only $10. After buying our tickets, we had a quick dinner of really great grilled cheeses at Thinking Cup before the show, which ended up being hilarious. We went in with pretty low expectations, but we were pleasantly surprised. I even got called up to be part of a sketch where one of the guys proposed to me, and upon my refusal, they all danced around me as Cee Lo Green’s unclean version of “Forget You” played. Since it was still pretty early in the night, we went to the South End for drinks at The Beehive, this bar that hosts live jazz bands. By the end of our long day, we were pretty hungry, so guess where we grabbed a late night meal.

our third Emilio’s pizza
Day Five:
On our last day, we checked out of our hostel and took the T back to Beacon Hill to meet up with Amie. We ate at The Paramount again then walked by the inspiration for the Cheers bar and through the Public Garden. Summer’s friend had told her about this place called Bodega, that looks like a convenience store on the outside but is something entirely different on the inside, so we embarked on a new mini adventure. I was glad that we went, but let’s just say that it was obvious that we did not belong in there. Bodega is located right by the Christian Science building, so we walked around that area and took in its grandness. Then, before heading to the airport, we had to make a pit stop at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Amie then drove us to the airport. Summer and I enjoyed our final Boston meal at Jerry Remy’s in Terminal C before she boarded her plane.
chowdah and Summer’s plane
And that was our trip. Until next time, dear Boston.

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