25 for 25 | Month Four

I’ve been 25 for four months now. So weird.

Still need to blog about Boston… Will do that soon.

1. Knit something.

2. Create a budget.
-I’ve kind of been working on this. I have a new system for paying my bills and then I’ve been transferring a lot more money to my savings account lately and watching my spending more closely.

3. Go Paleo for a month.
4. Run 200 miles.
5. Complete a three-day juice cleanse.
6. Cook 25 meals.
7. Read Les Misérables.
8. Fly a kite.
9. Visit at least two new states.
10. Do a James Bible study.
11. Master a song on the guitar.

12. Read 12 new books.
A Praying Life Paul E. Miller
The Host Stephenie Meyer
The Memory of Running Ron McLarty
Sacred Marriage Gary Thomas
Who Do You Think You Are? Mark Driscoll

13. Make edible yogurt.

14. Complete a Photo-a-Day challenge for a month.
-I started this on May 1. I already missed one day, but I figured that since May has 31 days, even if I miss a day, I’ll still have done 30 days which is an average month anyway. #photoaday

15. Do an Acts Bible study.
-May has been the month for this. I started The Message of Acts by John Stott. Since Acts is the second book Luke wrote, I read through Luke first. It was so good to read through the Gospel from a doctor’s perspective. He’s so straight and to-the-point with info. I should be done with this within the next few weeks. Then on to James!

16. Use a sewing machine.
17. Master drawing Snow White.

18. Try 12 new restaurants in San Francisco.
-Almost done:
1. Morning Due Cafe: in the Mission with Emma. They have a pretty big menu. And they make a great vanilla soy latte.
2. Beachside Coffee Bar & Kitchen: Outer Sunset with Franklin. It was an unsually nice day for the Outer Sunset, so you could actually SEE the beach, haha. Great coffee.
3. Manora Thai: Sarah and Tiff planned a late surprise birthday dinner for me in SOMA. I was very surprised and the food was great.
4. Pacific Catch: Tiff, Noelle, Eric and I came and ate here. The food was not bad, but the company was best. I’d definitely go back, especially if it’s with this group.
5. Tikka Masala: Kaitlyn and I ate here at the end of March. It was a little place that was empty when we arrived, but the longer we sat and ate, the busier it got. I would come here again, though the Chicken Tikka Masala was spicier than I’m used to.
6. Nopalito: Last week I met Lindsay here. I had never been before, though I had passed by it many times. It was very good and very filling, and their decaf coffee with agave is fantastic.7. Greenburger’s: Last night I met up with my old roommate, Lindsey. The burger was so good–very filling but it didn’t feel heavy. I had read that their milkshakes are really good so we ordered half size milkshakes. Lindsey got french vanilla and I got nutella pretzel (yes, nutella pretzel), and they WERE really good.
8. Lime Tree: I started out the month by grabbing dinner with Angelo. This is a little placed tucked away in the Inner Sunset. Pretty casual–nothing too grand–but I’d go back.
9. SAM’s Diner: Last Thursday Mom and I went and saw Mary Poppins the musical at the Orpheum. There aren’t very many food choices close to the theater, so we went to Sam’s Diner on Market, which actually turned out to be pretty good.

19. Do a Philippians Bible study.
20. Bake a pie from scratch.

21. Visit three museums.
-I need to get started on this. I did got to the Academy of Sciences last Saturday to take advantage of my membership, but I want to visit three museums I’ve never been to.

22. Organize my music library.
23. Organize my pictures.
24. Ride on a hot air balloon.
25. Catch up on Arrested Development.

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