25 For 25 | Month One

It’s been a month. And here is my progress.

1. Knit something.
-Nope. Tiff and I are planning an evening though.

2. Create a budget.
-Not yet. But I’ll be working on making one this week since I have so many big plans ahead which require saving money.

3. Go Paleo for a month.
-I was thinking about attempting this for March but then I remembered that I’m visiting Summer this weekend so that probably isn’t a good idea. Maybe I’ll start mid-March and go through mid-April.

4. Run 200 miles.
-I have yet to go running… at least the weather is starting to warm up.

5. Complete a three-day juice cleanse.
-Ha, no.

6. Cook 25 meals.
-I’m expecting to complete this during my Paleo month. I did cook some brussels sprouts the other night though. So, baby steps.

7. Read Les Misérables.
-Ha, on page two!

8. Fly a kite.
-Not yet. Summer–care to help me complete this?

9. Visit at least two new states.
-I had hoped to visit Seattle and Portland this month but that didn’t work out. So hopefully soon.

10. Do a James Bible study.
-I’ve been reading more of James, but haven’t picked up the study book that I bought for it yet.

11. Master a song on the guitar.
-Poor little dusty guitar…

12. Read 12 new books.
-Currently reading A Praying Life by Paul E. Miller. Planning on finishing that by the end of this month, and I’m almost done so that’s doable.

13. Make edible yogurt.
-Not yet. But my old roommate knows how so I’m very confident in this endeavor.

14. Complete a Photo-a-Day challenge for a month.
-Not yet.

15. Do an Acts Bible study.
-I’m looking at April for this one.

16. Use a sewing machine.
-Step one: find a sewing machine.

17. Master drawing Snow White.
-Haha this one is silly. I have yet to attempt this.

18. Try 12 new restaurants in San Francisco.
-Last month I tried the following:
 1. Morning Due Cafe: in the Mission with Emma. They have a pretty big menu. And they make a great vanilla soy latte.
 2. Beachside Coffee Bar & Kitchen: Outer Sunset with Franklin. It was an unsually nice day for the Outer Sunset, so you could actually SEE the beach, haha. Great coffee.
 3. Manora Thai: Sarah and Tiff planned a late surprise birthday dinner for me in SOMA. I was very surprised and the food was great.
So I’m on track. Three down, nine to go.

19. Do a Philippians Bible study.

20. Bake a pie from scratch.
-I’m waiting for my sister to be home so that she can help me with this. Did I mention that to you, Steph?

21. Visit three museums.
-I ended up renewing my membership to the Academy of Sciences. Franklin and I visited last month. Not counting it though, since I want to visit three museums I haven’t been to yet.

22. Organize my music library.

23. Organize my pictures.
-Nope. But I did upload a lot of things to DropBox, so that’s good.

24. Ride on a hot air balloon.
-Not yet. Waiting for the weather to get a little better. Plus it’s kind of expensive and I’d like to find someone to do this with me, so who has money and is interested?

25. Catch up on Arrested Development.
-Currently finishing up season two.

Not too much progress yet. There have been a lot of changes in my life these past few weeks, but I’m expecting some of the dust to settle within the next few so that I can refocus on my Things.

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