25 For 25

I’ve been 25 for a week now. It was a little challenging coming up with 25 Things to do while I’m 25, but I had Summer and Stephanie’s help whilst at Disneyland last week. I was going to try to aim for just ten, but was able to get the full 25. Not making any promises for next year though. And I’m hoping that these goals will be a little more measurable than those of the past–some are repeats from 23 and 24 but have been slightly modified so that I can better keep a tally of my progress or so that I can just cross it off the list. For example, “learn how to knit” has now become “knit something,” since the word “learn” is vague.

1. Knit something.
2. Create a budget.
3. Go Paleo for a month.
4. Run 200 miles.
5. Complete a three-day juice cleanse.
6. Cook 25 meals.
7. Read Les Misérables.
8. Fly a kite.
9. Visit at least two new states.
10. Do a James Bible study.
11. Master a song on the guitar.
12. Read 12 new books.
13. Make edible yogurt.
14. Complete a Photo-a-Day challenge for a month.
15. Do an Acts Bible study.
16. Use a sewing machine.
17. Master drawing Snow White.
18. Try 12 new restaurants in San Francisco.
19. Do a Philippians Bible study.
20. Bake a pie from scratch.
21. Visit three museums.
22. Organize my music library.
23. Organize my pictures.
24. Ride on a hot air balloon.
25. Catch up on Arrested Development.
Here’s to 25!

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