Six Months Out | 2012

I feel like I’ve been doing so many things lately, so here is an update since my last one

I left off on my update in July, just before the SF Half-Marathon. I’m so glad I listened to Melissa and put #12 on my list of 24 Things. It motivated me to stick to it. It also helped that I had all my co-workers to train along with. It was fun and I’m glad I did it.

So August started and I felt very personally accomplished. The first Sunday of August our church teamed up with City Impact for a “Serve the City” day in the Tenderloin. Instead of having regular church, services were canceled so that we could all serve together. It was a pretty great day, and I left wishing that I could quit my job and just hang out in the TL. Later that week we went to a Giants game. The following week we celebrated Megan’s birthday at Tiff’s house (and in the TL), Andy’s birthday at his uncle’s house in Woodside, and Franklin’s birthday in the Mission. I also decided that I would go to Boston for the Reality Prayer Tour, and was able to get the time off without any trouble.

The first weekend of September was camping with Ed, Isabella, Jeremy, Daphne, Eric, Franklin, and Chris. It was a nice way to start the month. September was super busy. I had something to do every single day of the month except for on the 6th and the 17th. We got home from camping and my Extension class started the next night. The second weekend of September, we had a Boston Prayer Night, I dropped of my car for maintenance, attended Robert’s Academy Graduation party, hung out with Danny, and hung out with women’s group. Then we left for Boston on the 12th and came back on the 16th. That trip was wonderful. I love Boston so much, and I really want to continue attending prayer tours. It was so nice experiencing the city and praying for and over it.

Then on September 20th I sang the national anthem at the Giants game. Yeah, still can’t believe that happened. Gwen interned with them and had posted on her FB status asking if anyone wanted to sing. As much as I dislike FB, I’m glad I saw her post because I messaged her asking how I could audition and she asked me to send her a video. I didn’t have a video of myself singing the national anthem, but since I was hanging out with Jonathan that night I had him record me with my iPhone. I sent it to Gwen and she showed her boss and I was chosen. I found out about three weeks in advance but didn’t want to tell anyone for fear that something would fall through and it wouldn’t happen, or for fear that it would happen and I’d be terrible. Since it was a day game, I took the day off and my family came to watch. My sweet co-workers booked a conference room and listened to me on the radio all together. It was really great. Definitely one of the greatest experiences I’ve had so far. (And the Giants beat the Rockies!). If you’re interested, you can listen here.

The very next day we left to Santa Barbara for the weekend to move Steph back in to UCSB. The next week I went over to Rachael’s house and we baked for our Foodies Chocolate Day at work. The last weekend of September Lily came to visit for the first time since I’d moved to my apartment. September was so busy but so fantastic.

The first weekend of October Summer came to visit. Unfortunately I started feeling sick that Thursday, so I went home early. That Friday we had lunch in Walnut Creek with Summer’s aunt, and before leaving we decided to stop at Starbucks. And after I don’t even know how many years, Valerie saw me. I hadn’t noticed her sitting at the table with Rohan, but she recognized me. It was really great running into her, and now we’ve been seeing more of each other so that’s great too.

Later that night we attended the Oakland Art Murmur. That was pretty cool, but I think my favorite part was the creme brulee truck. The next week was packed as usual, with Jamba happy hour, class, community group, hanging out with Kaitlyn, and Tiff’s birthday dinner. The following week we had a women’s group reunion, and I also spent the night at Valerie’s in Lafayette. That following weekend was women’s retreat in Santa Cruz. The next week I babysat Isabelle, which was wonderful, and had another baking session at Rachael’s the next day. We wanted to be autumnal so we made pumpkin chocolate chip mini bundt cakes. And they were so good, by the way. I’ve decided that I pretty much love chocolate chip anything. The last Sunday of the month the Giants won the World Series for the second time in three years.

That was fantastic, and a great way to end the month.

November started off with dinner at White Elephant with the Lovelys for Noelle’s birthday. That first Saturday of the month Tiff and I went to Corte Madera to shop and attend a Kelly Clarkson concert for the Microsoft store opening.

The following weekend I headed to Simi Valley to visit Summer. We had dinner at Lazy Dogs and then of course went to Disneyland.

The following week, I rounded up some co-workers and we went to an El Camino fundraiser night at the Warriors game. It was really nice seeing P after who knows how long.

The next night, Jamba got to attend an early viewing of Breaking Dawn, due to the promo we did with them. The next day I left for Santa Barbara to visit Steph for her 21st birthday. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving I had lunch with Kristen. I can’t remember the last time I saw her before that, so it was nice that she came and met me for lunch in Emeryville. Thanksgiving was pretty low-key; we just cooked and ate at home. Later that evening Steph and I went to Target, since they opened at 10 PM on Thanksgiving day for Black Friday. This is what Thanksgiving is becoming. And it’s scary. That Saturday we all went to Valerie’s in Lafayette, so that was really nice.

The next day we went to Vallejo for Glorita’s belated birthday party. It was nice seeing some of the family after so long and we ate really good pizza, haha. The last week of November was dinner with Jasmine, class, my return to the gym, an adoption info dinner at the RSF headquarters (which was really great–we got to hear from people who have adopted or have been adopted), and I hung out with Gabriel and Ryan after what was probably a year or so. Gabriel and I watched Lincoln and I really liked it. I will definitely be watching that again.

And that brings us to December, at long last. This month started out with coffee with Kristyn, Slow Church Run-Through, and hanging out with Jonathan. That following Monday Rachael, Jonathan, and two of Rachael’s friends went to Hopscotch in Oakland because The Meatball Shop was visiting as a pop-up there for the night. Rachael told us about it because they’re her favorite meatballs in New York, and after having gone, I now understand where all the excitement stems from. The meatballs for fantastic. I loved them so much I made sure to tell  Danny about them since he lives in New York. And if I ever go there, that place is going to be at the top of my list, haha. That Wednesday Bryan, Rachael, Daniel, Irene, Jonathan, and I all went to Rockin’ Crawfish in Oakland. I don’t like eating messy foods, but it was really good and I’m glad I experienced it. Probably won’t go back, but only because I don’t want to peel crawfish all night, ha. The next night Jamba went to a Raiders game since Jalina is a Raiderette. I had never been to a professional football game, so though it was super cold, it was a fun night. That Saturday Rachael, Jonathan, and I had planned to have brunch at Brenda’s. We knew there would be a long wait, but once we got there we decided to go somewhere else since Rachael was a little pressed for time. We were set on eating brunch though, so we ended up going to Straw in Hayes Valley, since neither of us had been there either. And it was a very good decision. Best grits ever. Later that night was Sarah’s birthday party. The following weekend Steph came home for winter break. That Monday was spent writing papers for my dreaded class, but I felt really accomplished for finishing everything that night and being done for good with the class. That Wednesday I hung out with Jolynn and Sierra after work. It was nice catching up. Definitely miss working with those two. The next night I baked at Rachael’s again in preparation for our Jamba cookie exchange. That Friday I had dinner with Kaitlyn, which was really great since I hadn’t seen her since our last dinner in October. On the 27th the Rockin’ Crawfish group had BBQ at Phat Matt’s in Oakland. Rachael’s NY Resolution for 2013 is to eat more BBQ and I look forward to aiding her in her endeavor. We also exchanged Secret Santa presents, then ended the night hanging out at Rachael’s.

For NYE Jonathan I watched Les Miserables, which was of course wonderful, and a nice way to end the month AND year. Now we’re two weeks done with 2013…

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