24 Things

I have one week of 24 left. So this is how I did.

1. Learn and practice Italian.
-Still nothing. Although I did buy these “learn to speak Italian” CDs on sale at Barnes and Noble. It’s kind of funny because they sing really cheesy songs to help you remember words. I think it would be pretty effective if I didn’t think it was so silly.

2. Read the Bible more.
-I’m a heathen. I definitely have read it more this year, but I should have made this goal more specific because I still don’t feel like I’ve read it enough. But then maybe one never feels that way?

3. Read at least one book a month.
-I’ve had some book ADD recently so I’ve lost track of all the books I’ve read or started reading. I’m re-reading The Meaning of Marriage, and I finished the third book of the Anne series, Anne of the Island, which is wonderful. I also started Solitude and Silence, and I’ve been reading two books on being “highly sensitive.” And I’ve hopped on the ereader craze so I have a ton of things in the Kindle iPad/iPhone app.

4. Practice the guitar.
-I’ve been played a little here and there, so that’s been good. My strumming has improved, but I’m still very bad. 

5. Attempt to sew something on a sewing machine.
-I’ve given up on this happening while I’m 24. 

6. Attempt to knit or crochet something.
-See #5. 

7. Take courses towards a certificate through Berkeley Extension.
-This class was torturous. I kinda feel like I wasted my money. I did get an A though, so at least there’s that. And I do feel like I accomplished something because I now know that if I want to pursue more education or a career in this field I want to have a biblical perspective on it.

8. Do at least three crafty projects.
-Eh, one out of three works for me.

9. Continue exercising.
-After the half-marathon at the end of July, my schedule filled up and I have not been making exercise a priority at all. Although I did wake up at 5:30 AM one day to do Pilates… And I’ve had some sporadic gym activity. This is another one that needs to be more specific.

10. Get an apartment.

11. Do a shoe & clothes purge.

12. Run a half-marathon.

13. Bring my lunch to work at LEAST twice a week.
-Rachael and I have committed to bringing our lunches everyday for the month of December, and that went pretty well, except for a few days here and there. So I’m going to cross this off, haha. 

14. Floss everyday.

15. Get a haircut.

16. Study the Book of James.
-Nope. Although I do have some good study material for it.

17. Study the Book of Acts.
-See #16.

18. Study the Book of Philippians.

19. Read The Hunger Games Trilogy by March 23.

20. Blog at least twice a month.
-I didn’t quite complete this, but my average for the year is 1.67, so that’s good enough for me.

21. Do a bookmarks purge.
-I started this and made some progress, but I’m not quite finished yet.

22. Find the perfect shade of red lipstick.  

23. Eat more bananas.
-I definitely ate more bananas as a 24 year old than I did as a 23 year old, so, check.

24. Drink more green tea.
-Same as #23.

And that’s that. I’ve decided that I’m not going to make a list of 25 Things this year, but instead I’ll make a shorter list of goals that are a little bit more intentional and measurable. So we’ll see how those go.

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