24 Things Update

I have been slacking on my 24 Things. Here is an update:

1. Learn and practice Italian.
-Still nothing. Although I did buy these “learn to speak Italian” CDs on sale at Barnes and Noble. It’s kind of funny because they sing really cheesy songs to help you remember words. I think it would be pretty effective if I didn’t think it was so silly.

2. Read the Bible more.
-I’m a heathen.

3. Read at least one book a month.
-I’ve had some book ADD recently so I’ve lost track of all the books I’ve read or started reading. Currently I’m re-reading The Meaning of Marriage, and I’m on the third book of the Anne series, Anne of the Island, which is wonderful. I also just started Silence and Solitude, and I’m reading two books on being “highly sensitive.”

4. Practice the guitar.

5. Attempt to sew something on a sewing machine.
-I’ve given up on this happening while I’m 24.

6. Attempt to knit or crochet something.
-See #5.

7. Take courses towards a certificate through Berkeley Extension.
-I finally enrolled in a Psychology of Personality class at Extension. It’s part of the post-baccalaureate certificate program for Counseling and Pyschology. The class is really pretty horrible though, so I’m re-evaluating my continuing education goals. I’m also working on remembering how to spell “baccalaureate” correctly…

8. Do at least three crafty projects.
-Ok, so I color blocked my scuffed shoes. And that’s about it.

9. Continue exercising.
-After the half-marathon at the end of July, my schedule filled up and I have not been making exercise a priority at all. Although I did wake up at 5:30 AM one day to do Pilates…

10. Get an apartment.

11. Do a shoe & clothes purge.

12. Run a half-marathon.

13. Bring my lunch to work at LEAST twice a week.
-I have been absolutely horrible at this. But I’m reinstating it this month due to my horrible eating habits and my excessive spending as of late.

14. Floss everyday.
-So far, so good..

15. Get a haircut.

16. Study the Book of James.
-I have yet to look at this.

17. Study the Book of Acts.
-I picked up The Message of Acts book once and did some good reading. Need to get back on that though.

18. Study the Book of Philippians.
-This may need to be tabled to 25.

19. Read The Hunger Games Trilogy by March 23.

20. Blog at least twice a month.

21. Do a bookmarks purge.
-I have yet to do this.

22. Find the perfect shade of red lipstick.Β 

23. Eat more bananas.
-This could be better lately but it hasn’t been bad.

24. Drink more green tea.
-Ok so I have not given up coffee, but I’ve definitely drank more green tea while being 24 thanΒ I did when I was 23.

I told you I was a failure. I’ll have to do another update of what I’ve been doing since July. I feel like a lot has happened.

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