Six Months In | 2012

Here it is. The documentation of the last six months of 2012. So weird that we’re halfway through the year. Where the heck is time going?

Started the year off with a low-key NYE celebration at Tiff’s house with Franklin, Steph, and a visit from Jeremy. Spent a good part of the night admiring Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato in their MTV NYE show, haha.

Later that week, the Lovelys had a reunion/Rachel’s early birthday dinner at Roti in West Portal. It was nice to all be back together. 


Then I turned 24, and the day after I celebrated with some friends at Naan n Curry, because I just can’t get enough chicken tikka masala, Tart to Tart, and Yancy’s. Oh, the Inner Sunset. Celebrated some more friends’ birthdays and called it a month.

Signed up for the San Francisco Half-Marathon through work. It’s two weeks away, might I add. The highlight of February was that Summer came to visit for President’s Day Weekend.

And that’s just always a good thing.

Then, almost a month after her visit, I drove down to Summer’s so that we could go to Disneyland. I’m telling you, getting an annual passport was a very good decision.

Also celebrated Pi(e) Day with some of my favorite co-workers and some pie. 

At the end of the month, my sister came home for Spring Break. The Hunger Games movie came out. My dad retired. And I moved out!

The first month in my new apartment meant many Target and IKEA trips. Franklin and I discovered that The Habit opened up in San Mateo. That was pretty exciting. I bought a couch. For my room. Still not over how crazy and good that is. Went to Kaitlyn’s bridal shower. 

Went to Marisa’s bridal shower. 

Then celebrated my mom’s birthday later that day. 

Hosted women’s group for the first time ever. Mid-April marked the beginning of my jam-packed schedule.

I usually don’t like the month of May. I’m not sure why–there’s just something about it that always bothers me. But May 2012 was a really good month. Tiff and I saw James Morrison (for the third time) in concert at the Fillmore.

I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with different people, as well as Chelsea’s birthday. I went to Disneyland with my family over Mother’s Day Weekend. 

Drove home from the weekend and went straight to a Giants game (my first game of the season). Since I waited so long to go, I had to make up for lost time, so I attended another Giants game later that week. Then went to the Brian Wilson gnome giveaway game a week later. Yeah, three Giants games in seven days. 

Walked across the Golden Gate Bridge and back, praying over it and the city with my Jesus siblings. That was really great. The City celebrated the Bridge’s 75th Anniversary. 

Summer visited me in my new apartment over Memorial Day Weekend, and helped me rearrange and revamp my room. That involved more Target and IKEA trips. We also watched a lot of Buffy. Then she left and I went to yet another Giants game. Then I mourned the end of this glorious month.

Celebrated Kaitlyn and Gilbert’s marriage at their wedding with Jia Min, Rachel, and John George in Paso Robles. That was so beautiful.

RSF Nursery dinner in the Inner Sunset, did some hiking with Franklin, discovered the best boba ever in downtown Oakland, had dinner with Lily after having not hung out for way. too. long, my sister came home for the summer, Matt Cain’s perfect game (6/13: Matt Cain Day), attended KP’s JOYN event, celebrated with the Hayward family for my cousin’s baby shower (said baby has now been born), celebrated Emma’s birthday with Emma and Lindsey, with some nice roomie-bonding, and went to a Giants game. 

And that was June. One long, run-on sentence of fun all smashed up.

And now here we are. Amid all the highlighted events above were weekly fellowship with Sunset CG, RSF prayer nights, RSF Nursery times, random hangout nights with friends, some baking, some cooking (yeah, cooking), some cleaning, lots of crying, more laughing, shopping, reading, almost-weekly family dinners, and nights where I would just sit and enjoy my room. Last weekend I drove down to Simi and hung out with the Wulffs. On Sunday, Summer, Christine, and I went to Disneyland, just the three of us, for the first time ever. That’s a blog post in and of itself. Thursday was my half birthday, and my co-workers surprised me with a (Snow White) card and carrot cake. That was just about the greatest thing ever. I was so surprised. We’ve discovered that surprising me is a hard thing to do, since I just ask so many questions about so many things.

Here’s to the second half of 2012!

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