24 Things Update

Hello. It’s almost the end of April and I completely skipped March in blogland. Oops. Here’s my 24 Things progress.

1. Learn and practice Italian.
-Yeah I’m going nowhere with this. Maybe May will be the month for Italian learnings.
2. Read the Bible more.
-I’m still in Exodus, but I’ve been better at being more consistent in my Bible reading, so that’s been good. When I actually do read, I remember why it’s so great, haha.
3. Read at least one book a month.
-I’ve kind of lost track of all the books I’ve been reading. Since my last update, I finished reading Mermaid and The Hunger Games, so I’m past my quota. But that’s good because I haven’t read anything in April. I’ve read some more Ellen here and there and then have been sticking to my Bible reading.
4. Practice the guitar.
-Friday night, as I was driving home from work, I was listening to The Soundtrack of Our Lives and felt very inspired to play my guitar. So when I got home, I dusted that baby off and plucked away. And I’m proud to say that I still know the same four simple chords that I mastered a year and a half ago, and was able to play Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me without totally hurting my roommates’ ears, ha.
5. Attempt to sew something on a sewing machine.
-No sewing machine yet, but I did sew on like, four buttons on the dress I was wearing yesterday. One of my buttons fell off when I was walking, so I sewed it and then discovered a loose button, then another, then another. It was ridiculous. I don’t think I like sewing. Baby steps.
6. Attempt to knit or crochet something.
-Not yet, but my roommate does one of these (or maybe both?) and she said she’d teach me! So I need to get on that. 
7. Take courses towards a certificate through Berkeley Extension.
-Still looking into this. Waiting for a few things to pan out before I make a decision.
8. Do at least three crafty projects.
-Nothing yet, but I do have some projects lined up (in my head) that I’m determined to work on.
9. Continue exercising.
-The last week or so hasn’t been great, but I did find a new running buddy at work. Crystal and I have a very similar pace, so we’re good. And I was proud to learn that I was able to run four miles without a problem a few weeks ago, even though I hadn’t run in like three weeks prior to that. So that was encouraging.
10. Get an apartment.
-Aaaand done. More on that later possibly, but long story short, Emma found an apartment on Craigslist and then another one of the rooms opened up. And that is now my room.
11. Do a shoe & clothes purge.
-I’m going to count this as done. When I moved I got rid of a few more things. Obviously this is something that always needs to be done, but I feel like the majority of it is done. Now it’s just maintenance.

12. Run a half-marathon.
-91 days of training left!

13. Bring my lunch to work at LEAST twice a week.

-Some weeks I’m really good about this and other weeks, not so much. But I’m much more aware of when I’m eating out and bringing my food, so that’s good, haha.
14. Floss everyday.
-So far, so good!
15. Get a haircut.
-I’m planning on doing this later today!
16. Study the Book of James.
-Not yet.
17. Study the Book of Acts.
-See #16.
18. Study the Book of Philippians.
-See #17–I’m still stuck in Exodus…
19. Read The Hunger Games Trilogy by March 23. 
-Yup! And with days to spare before the movie, haha. I miss it though. I cried myself to sleep after I finished the last book. Yeah, I have problems. 
20. Blog at least twice a month.
-Ok, so last month was no good. Oh well. Soon I’m just going to write a very long and boring post about everything I’ve been doing lately so that I can look back on this and re-member. 
21. Do a bookmarks purge.
-Eh, not yet.
22. Find the perfect shade of red lipstick.
-Sam and Summer convinced me to buy this red lipstick at Target, and I think I like it, but I haven’t worn it too much since I got it, and now I can’t find it. So technically, this isn’t done yet. Once I locate it (it has to be in here somewhere) I’ll wear it more and decide.
23. Eat more bananas.
-I think I’ve eaten more bananas in this past year than I have in my whole life. Well, that can’t be true, but I’ve definitely eaten a lot.

24. Drink more green tea.
-My coffee intake is slowly making its way back up. Time to get back on my green tea kick.


2 thoughts on “24 Things Update

  1. You've started on so many of these already! Good job! =)
    And for James, I suggest the Beth Moore James study – 'Mercy Triumphs' =) Its very good.

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