Oh apartment hunting–why are you so difficult? If only San Francisco wasn’t so expensive. Or I made more money. Maybe I’m destined to live in my parents’ home for a very long time. Yesterday I didn’t hear my alarm, so if my dad hadn’t come into my room to see if I was going to work, I definitely would have not been going to work lol. The same thing happened on Friday. The only reason I woke up was because I thought I heard someone knocking on my door. Ugh, adulthood.


2 thoughts on “Apartment

  1. I can't believe your going to have an apartment of your own. NOT in college. just a grown up living place. ugh. I want that. and yes. I also want to go back to college too! lets go together.

  2. man, now you two *are* going back to college together and i'm going back to living with roommates again. i just spoke to a friend who is living on her own and going to grad school. that seems ideal.

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