Whine & Cheese

Things I could be doing if I weren’t working:

-reading a book in the sunshine in the Marina
-buying fruit at the farmer’s market
-doing laundry
-learning how to sew
-washing the dishes
-playing guitar
-painting my nails
-learning Italian
-studying Systematic Theology
-watching Buffy
-attempting to run
-reading my Google reader
-learning how to knit
-cooking different foods

Granted, if I weren’t working, I would also be homeless, foodless, and overall moneyless. So, despite the trap of work, I am grateful to HAVE a job.

3 thoughts on “Whine & Cheese

  1. Aw! I like the book in the Marina one it sounds really nice. and painting nails. and buffy. and Italian. and praying. and knitting, you also could go running and racing and dancing and chasing and leaping and bounding.

  2. there was no cheese in this post at all! i feel i was mislead into reading this post.
    other than that, i think summer pretty much summed up all of my other feelings. lol

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