I had so much more will to blog when I didn’t have a job and could spend my days looking at pretty things and writing about them. Or when I was in school and wanted to remember everything that I did/procrastinate on school work. I need to figure out how to schedule my life better, so that my weeks don’t turn into a mush of church, work, community group, eating, and sleeping. I have taken to journaling more though. Although that might be because I want to buy a new journal, but I can’t until I’ve filled up my current one. Haha I’m weird. I’ve also been reading more again. I finally finished Big God by Britt Merrick, which was fantastic. I also finished reading Preparing To Be a Help Meet by Debi Pearl. Awful book. But I’m glad I read it and finished it. I did glean some insight from it, as horrible of a book as it is. I also sort of met my goal of reading at least two books a month. I was reading two books DURING the month of February, and even though I didn’t start or finish them in February, I’m counting it. This month I picked up Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire again–that’s going to be counted as my two books for the month. I’m about half way through it, which means, if I actually want to finish a book by the end of March, I have eleven days to read a little over 500 pages. Anyway, I’m going to go read now. Maybe this week will be the week I organize my life. Boy do I miss Spring Break.

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