It was so cold this morning. My car was all icy and frozen. It’s kind of annoying because then I have to use this pitcher that we have to pour water on my wind shield, and that always ends up badly because of course I manage to spill some on myself. That’s never good. But it does make me thankful that I don’t live somewhere where it snows. It’s bad enough having to scrape ice off my wind shield–I can’t imagine having to scrape my way through snow to drive away, or to even get to my car. Yuck. But speaking of snow…

Christmas Morning, 1993

I love Snow White so much! She’s definitely on the movie agenda for this weekend. I think I’m also going to watch Atonement. I never did get around to seeing it, so we’ll see how this weekend goes. Hopefully it’s good. And if not, at least I’ll have Snow White to watch afterward.

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