Hump Day Happies (1.5.11)

Happy first Wednesday of 2011! I already miss typing or writing out 2010. I think it’s just so much prettier than typing or writing out 2011. But I’m sure that 2011 will grow on me. Here is this week’s hump day happies!

1. These beautiful sparkly letters, seen here.

 2. This picture, from here. Sunflowers are my favorite flower.

3. This pencil tip sculpture. See the rest of them here. So cool!

4. This, haha. So funny.

5. This blanket, from the same source as #4. So great.

6. This little guy. So cute.

7. This National Geographic photo. So wonderful. Very Lion King haha.

8. O Organics Pomegranate Italian Soda from Safeway. I don’t like the word “yummy,” but I like this stuff, and this stuff is yummy.

9. Jeremy, Sarah, Franklin, Chris, and Tiff and I made a floss pact for 2011. The goal is to floss every single night. I already failed on January 1st (I know, right?) but I made up for it by flossing in the morning on January 2nd, as well as in the evening. Wonder how long we’ll last.

10. I love these people. Haha at Cobie Smulders cradling an imaginary baby haha.

2 thoughts on “Hump Day Happies (1.5.11)

  1. so i forgot to comment while you were sleeping. but i'm here now!
    1. so sparkly!
    2. this belongs in alice
    3. omg wow!
    4. aw this is like the arm of tenderness for the sink
    5. so awesome!
    6. he's tiiiiny!
    7. this is crazy. i didn't even know they jumped treetops. lol
    8. mmmm sounds so good.
    9. hehe flossing is good
    10. yesss les mis! love this SO much! love love love! so amazing. so so so amazing.

  2. 1. OMG we just got something similar that says LAUGH =) maybe I will blog it! lol
    2. mm yes, very pretty
    3. whoa crazy!
    4. paha, this kinda creeps me out
    5.mmm i like it
    6. is he a lemur?
    7. holy crap. thats sooo cool.
    8. hmm.
    9. yay! this is a good resolution, how is it holding up?
    10. hahaha this is wonderful

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