So I got half way through a January 2010 recap, fully intending to finish and recap each 2010 month, when I decided that I didn’t feel like neurotically organizing my months and writing recaps on them, the way I did last year for 2009. I nixed that idea and moved on. So here I am. And these are things that happened in 2010.

In 2010, I graduated from college. You know when you’re little and you get told about college? And it seems so far away–like it won’t ever happen? And now here I am–done. Done. It’s weird.

In 2010, the Giants won the World Series. Enough said.

And that just about wraps up 2010. Oh yeah, and it took me six months after graduation to get a job. But I now have one. And I’m ready for 2011. 

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