Hump Day Happies (12.22.10)

It’s so weird to that Christmas is this Saturday. I feel like this holiday season went by so quickly. And since I haven’t been feeling Christmasy this year, here is a Christmas edition of this week’s hump day happies.

1. This beautiful Christmas set-up, red tree and all. I want to spend Christmas there and listen to someone play me the piano, sip sparkling apple cider, and read some Jane Austen. Because I’m classy like that.

2. These glittery raindrops. So cute. Snowflakes are usually Christmas symbols, but we don’t get snow here. But raindrops? Yes. I want to decorate the imaginary room I have in my head with them.

3. These glittery pine cones, which I found here.

4. Beauty and the Beast – The Enchanted Christmas. I usually don’t care for these types of movies, that aren’t really sequels since they usually aren’t good with consistency in regards to the first movie, but we got this when we were little and I’ve been thinking about it lately. So this Christmas, I will be watching it again.

5. This snow globe. The picture is not the best, but I couldn’t believe I had found a snow globe specifically for The Enchanted Christmas. How funny. And cute. I love snow globes.

6. This picture, from here. That angel did not like being a top that tree.

7. This creative Christmas ad, for Tide.

8. These Christmas cookies, pictured here. Those kind of sprinkles are probably my favorite. (The link will take you to a site for Christmas cookies for diabetics… so that could be an interesting substitute for regular cookies, especially since so many treats are consumed during the holidays.)

9. This tree. Nothing says “Christmas” like Charlie Brown.

10. Speaking of Charlie Brown: This should be a new Christmas tradition. Dance to all these dances every year.

2 thoughts on “Hump Day Happies (12.22.10)

  1. 1. hello gorgeous. i wish my table looked like that. i'm in love with the sequin slipcovers and little presents. aw i could play piano for you.
    2. those are so cool!
    3. haha this reminds me of my brother's blue glitter pinecone he made when he was little and i threw it out. my grinch heart doesn't allow kitsch.
    4. aw i barely remember that movie. and agreed on pre/mid-sequels.
    5. whoa! that's so wonderful. but what do you do when the water leaks out?
    6. no they did not.
    7. oh wow neat! [no pun intended]
    8. yea, sugar crystal sprinkles are so yummy and pretty. very efficient sprinkles.
    9. i saw this at a friend's house and meant to look it up! thanks for doing the work for me! plus now it's on sale, score!
    10. lol i love this movie.

  2. 1. ooh I like those big lanterns! you paste them on the wall? I like it
    3.mmm pretty
    4. aww! yeah with the little angel ornament lol
    5. I saw something like this when i went to the Disney store poor baby
    7.haha cute
    8.omg yummm
    9. aw cute lol
    10. haha once I was in a charlie brown play [once meaning senior year of hs] and I think I did a combo of the purple girl and the kid in the back with the schlumped over head. lol

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