23 Years in 23 Days

I will be 23 years old in 23 days. I already know that 23 is just going to be one of those ages, like 17. I remember being asked how old I was on my 17th birthday, and when I answered, I felt 17. It was different from other ages, where it took me about a month to remember that I had become another year older. But I know that come January 12, 2011, not only will I be 23, but I’ll feel 23. So here are 23 things I want to accomplish while I’m being and feeling 23:

1. Be able to watch a movie in Italian and understand 95% of what the people are saying. I.e., learn Italian once and for all!

2. Identify which is which in a Coca-Cola/Pepsi challenge.

3. Read the entire Bible.

4. Read at least one book a month.

5. Create and stick to a budget and savings plan.

6. Follow an exercise regimen.

7. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

8. Finally learn how to strum properly on the guitar.

9. Become a San Francisco navigational pro.

10. Drink more water.

11. Disallow myself from putting off on removing chipped nail polish from my nails.

12. Attempt to knit or crochet.

13. Attempt to sew something on a sewing machine.

14. Go geocaching.

15. Develop proper sleeping habits.

16. Stop saying “like” as often.

17. Get a better idea as to how I’ll get to grad school and what I want to study.

18. Be craftier.

19. Go to Disneyland in the fall.

20. Make pancakes more often.

21. Go shooting at a shooting range.

22. Visit more museums.

23. Imagine myself 23 years past 23 years.

4 thoughts on “23 Years in 23 Days

  1. well, this was so nice…
    I woudl like if you did #1 too, cause then if we watched an italian movie together… you could tell me what they are saying.. and think of how great breaking dawn will be =)

    #2 yesss

    awww @ #8

    Your dad can help you with #9

    wow i like #11

    I've never crocheted, but I can say from experience that knitting is very fun… i would teach you but I just don't remember how… you can teach me.

    #19 yay!!!

    #21 like Robin!!!

    <3 happy birthday in 22 days!

  2. aw i like these. and that there are 23 of them.
    #10 you should get a water bottle with a straw. it seriously helps.
    i wish i could do #16. so difficult.
    haha #18.
    #20 like lily & marshall!

  3. This is such a great list Rachel! I can't wait for the end of the year to hear about all your accomplishments..because I know your gonna do them all!

    #12 It's actually kind of relaxing..if I'm ever around I can teach you..or since you know my family better than me..you can ask my Abis! haha

    #14 Sooo much fun!! I went once last year and although we didn't end up finding it..because it was getting dark and hard to see..it was a lot of fun to search for something someone else left!

    #17 Right there with ya. We can do it!

    #19 When you know when..tell me! I'll be here =)

    #21 We should go next time I'm home. That way you dont have to rent guns… haha

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