Hump Day (12.01.10)

Happy Wednesday! Not only am I glad that’s it’s hump day, but I’m also glad that it’s the beginning of December. I love the first of the month, and December is one of my favorite months. Here are “10 Things I Love” this week!

1.This inspiration board from this Creature Comforts post. I love the simplicity of the black & white. And the blackberries make me think Christine’s blog post, haha.

2. This decorated mantle. I like how it’s plain and pretty. And the painting reminds me of reindeer antlers. Yay for Christmas decorations!

Photo cred: Chris Sison

3. Speaking of Christmas decorations, I love that the South City tree is lit already. There’s a tree over by Sign Hill that gets twinkly every year. Well, it’s not actually a tree, but close enough. A few years ago, Tiff, Chris and I made the trek up there. I’m ready to do it again!

4. Speaking of Christmas, I am loving this new Sally Hansen nail polish I borrowed from my mom called “Copper Glamour.” It seems so holiday-y, but still subtle.

5. These chopsticks, seen here. Their packaging is so cute, and I love all the colors. (The Asian inside of me loves them, too.)

6. This refreshing fruit + veggie buffet table, seen here.

7. This font from MyFonts. I love how it looks like it belongs to someone who is fresh and care-free.

8. I’m not a fan of tattoos for myself, but these are pretty cool. (source)

9. These Juicy Couture earrings. I love their stud earrings, and these combine my love of hearts and leaves. So cute.

Photo cred: Fussy Eater

10. This peppermint hot cocoa mix from Trader Joe’s, which I got to try at Noelle’s house on Monday night. Peppermint hot chocolate is the best Christmas drink. And now, thanks to Trader Joe’s, I can have it whenever I want at home.

4 thoughts on “Hump Day (12.01.10)

  1. 1. i liked this too. the bird print and the stripes, the ampersand and the blackberries.
    2. those trees are so cute and i thought of the antlers too!
    3. aw look at you. this pose reminds me of minnie.
    4. mmm yes.
    5. i like the colors!
    6. haha brussel sprouts everywhere!
    7. hahaha carefree.
    8. whoa. this is intense.
    9. oh man these are perfect!
    10. mmm i want some of this right now.

  2. i love when its wednesday and i get to read all the hump day happies!

    – i'm sure the mantle also makes you think of me cuz its almost my name (spelling wise, the sound is the same tho haha)
    – and when i get back to south city can we make a hike to the tree? I don't think i've ever done it.
    -i really want some peppermint hot chocolate right now.
    love you!

  3. 1. ooh i liek that &.
    2. very simple and cute <3
    4. yay! i have almost this exact color on RIGHT NOW! =) one mind
    5. woah love these! get the red ones.
    6. YYUMM
    7. oh wow this is really cute. i like it. downloading…
    8. strange.
    9.leaves =) very cute
    10.woah, sounds christmasy.

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