Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend was a little weird this year. This Thanksgiving was the first one that I wasn’t in school for, so it was weird not having to drive to come home for the weekend or not having to stress out about finishing homework. Weird, but kinda nice. Wednesday we had a nice relaxing day at home. We didn’t cook a full on traditional meal, but we did make ham, yams, green beans, corn, cranberry sauce (well, actually we opened a can lol), and ate pie and drank Martinelli’s. Thanksgiving morning I went to pick up Noelle at the airport, since she flew in to surprise her mom and brother. Then we headed off to Fairfield. We spent a lovely time there, took some pictures, and came home.

Missing Lily =/
Go Gauchos!

Friday was Magical Friday at the Disney Store. Fortunately it wasn’t as hectic as I thought it would be. I was kinda dreading being there for eight hours, but it turned out alright. After work, the Lovelys had a nice little reunion at Tiffy Schmiffy’s house.

Saturday I took BART downtown with Jennifer and Stephen from my SB home group and we had lunch at Boudin’s and looked around in Crate & Barrel. It was so nice seeing them and catching up. I miss my home groupies so much. I ended the night with another shift at the Disney Store.

Saw these plates at Crate & Barrel. So great.

Today I was in the nursery at church. I love being with the babies. I’m going to join Noelle at Starbucks for a while whilst she does some homework, then off to work for me. But it was quite the satisfying Thanksgiving weekend. Now I’m ready for twinkling lights, the scent of pine needles, peppermint hot chocolate, and rainy days. Bring it, Christmastime.

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