Hump Day Happies (11.24.10)

I love this series. Thank you Elsie. Happy Wednesday!

1. I love Love LOVE this ornament from Urban. I know that Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet, but I’m ready for Christmas decorating, and this combines my love for Christmastime decorations and Coca-Cola. ❤

2. I love these “Winter White” table settings, seen here, even though an all-white table setting is a little impractical.

3. Last week I told you about Jim and his creative pancakes that he makes for his daughter. Well Gat made cute little food art for his wife who was bed-ridden with gestational diabetes. So sweet!

4. This baby lamb print from The Animal Print Shop. So precious. But it’s a baby. Baby-anything is cute. And I’m slightly biased because my name means “ewe,” which is a female sheep. Haha. (My middle name is Maria, which is the Spanish version of “Mary.” Ok that’s unrelated, but “Mary Had A Little Lamb” popped into my head which made me think of that…)

5. This smokin hot piece of cat. Ok, bad joke.

6. These notable staircases. Although the “Floating on a Wall” staircase creeps me way out. I fall up and down stairs way too much for my own good. I do not need the option to fall sideways.

7. Funny chairs. It’s almost like a pun, furniture-style.

8. Elsa Peretti’s new candlesticks for Tiffany & Co., which I learned about via this Apartment Therapy post. I’ve always liked the Elsa Peretti collection. I think these candlesticks are so elegant.

9. This rain cloud mobile from Etsy. So cute!!

Thanksgiving 2009

10. Tomorrow being Thanksgiving. I love it so much. It’s definitely my all-time favorite holiday. I’m so excited to see my cousins tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving!

3 thoughts on “Hump Day Happies (11.24.10)

  1. 1. aw i like this ornament a lot.
    2. those are BEAUTIFUL. i especially like the bottom one with all those chandeliers and those fur throws. swoon.
    3. aw that is so cute.
    4. hahaha what would you do with this?
    5. whoa. lol. now what would you do with THAT?
    6. i love floating stairs although that platform at the top looks waaaay too small. quite precarious.
    7. wow. i like this a lot.
    8. they remind me of cobras.
    9. yea this was so cute. i'm adding it to my mobiles i'll make for my future nursery. hah.
    10. awww you get to reenact this tomorrow!

  2. 1. hahaha coke
    2.its such a winter wonderland
    3.soooo cute
    4.for some reason i don't like how this lamb looks. im sorry. lol
    6.woah these are cool, but agreed scary
    7.LOVE this elsa peretti always does such fluid stuff.
    9. cute cute cute!

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