Disney on the Mind

I was browsing Etsy and found these pieces of jewelry that remind me of different Disney movies. Yeah, I think about Disney a lot…

The Aristrocats. A Disney movie about cats. What more is there to say. No, that is not a question.

Hercules. This movie is so great. And these Pegasus-inspired earrings are too.

Alice in Wonderland. This ring reminds me of both the original and the new one.

Bambi. Ok, so the movie is a little depressing, especially since this ring reminds me of Bambi’s dad. Hmm mmk, moving on.

Up. Ok there isn’t a hot air balloon in this movie, but there are balloons and a floating house, so this counts.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Oh Owl. You’re so wise. (This also reminds me of the owl who always eats that kid’s Tootsie Roll Pop, but that’s not related.)

The Jungle Book. Man those monkeys can be annoying. But I like this ring a lot.

Happy Feet. Ok, so this isn’t Disney; it’s Warner Bros., but penguins are cute.

4 thoughts on “Disney on the Mind

  1. oh oh! you know what would be a little bit less depressing than bambi [if you are looking for a replacement…] woudl be Beauty and the Beast.. ya know… 'I use ANTLERS in all of my deeeecorating' eh? eh? =)

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