Hump Day Happies (11.17.10)

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. I love the middle of the week. Here’s this week’s “10 Things I Love” post. Happy Hump Day!

1. This picture, seen on this Apartment Therapy post. So cute. (You can buy the wall art here.)

2. These autumn leaves dessert plates. I love autumn.

3. These cocktail picks + stirrers. So cute.

4. These Christmas tree tea light candles. They include many things I love: Christmas, trees, candles, and decor with glitter.

5. These coasters, seen here.

6. I love everything about this picture, which I found here. I think Leighton Meester is so beautiful, and this dress is gorgeous. Plus, it’s my favorite color.

7. I love this little necklace. It reminds me of theme parks everywhere, and of “things I almost remember, once upon a December” á la Anastasia.

8. These leaf rings from Turtle Love Co., seen here.

9. These “FALL” jars, featured here. Two things I love combined: jars and fall. And the wheat is really great too.

10. This birdhouse–made out of pancakes! Jim makes unique and interesting pancakes for his daughter and then blogs them. I think that’s just so sweet that he takes the time to do this for her.

2 thoughts on “Hump Day Happies (11.17.10)

  1. 1. holy moly this is the best thing ever. you can bet i'm going to make a mobile version of that for my future nursery.
    2. lol autumn, don't leaf us.
    3. the bunnies look like they're running away :]
    4. ooh glitter
    5. man i want new coasters
    6. i cant wait to see this ad. i <3 her a lot.
    7. yes yes yes to all those things
    8. those are purdy
    9. man i like that wheat lol
    10. no way! wow he's going above and beyond the call of duty.

  2. 1. this is soooo cute!
    2. haha aw leaves. you like those oh so much
    4. I like these, except that you have to light the tree on fire to have the candle burning…
    5. YAY i had these in a post too!
    6.ooph, look at that dress
    8. leaves! again! yay!
    10. woah. that looks yummy.

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