Stalker Feed

As convenient/fun/useful/entertaining/handy/whatever Facebook is, it’s really starting to annoy me. With the news feed, you can know what all your “friends” have been doing/have done without ever talking to them. And then when they go to tell you about their day, you have two choices: A) Either pretend that you didn’t see anything on Facebook and that you don’t already know what they’re going to tell you, or B) Tell them that you saw their post/wall/comment/friend’s comment to them/picture(s), and let them tell you anyway, or else kill the conversation.

And now, “Facebook Creeping” is becoming more and more socially acceptable. It can’t be avoided. There are even tips out there on how to successfully Facebook stalk as non-creepily as possible. And let me just say, I’m good at it. So, so good. But that isn’t something I’m extremely proud of. It’s part of what makes me weird. And it fuels to my desire to know everything about everything, which makes me sound like a psycho lol.

I’m not extreme enough to deactivate my Facebook, or to even just not check it for a few days. How sad is that? So instead, I’m going to “hide” everyone from my News Feed and see what happens. Wish me luck!

One thought on “Stalker Feed

  1. do you like what you've accomplished through the 'hiding' technique? I must admit I like telling you my stories without you knowing them already. lol

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