Hump Day Happies (11.10.10)

Happy Wednesday! Here are “10 Things I Love” this week.

1. Brian Wilson. I love him. If they made a Bachelor-type show called Wife of Brian, I’d totally go on it. And Brian would pick me. Coz I’m awesome.

2. This quirky tea set, seen here.

3. This room set-up. Right down to Napoleon on the wall.

4. These beautiful tree-inspired cards.

5. The irony of this picture.

6. These matryoshka “nesting owls” from Urban. I’ve always loved matryoshka dolls, and I love the pun.

7. These “before and after” candlesticks by Emily, from her blog, cupcakes and cashmere. I love the black, along with the way the assortment of mismatched candlesticks work together.

8. These plates from Noritake, from their Everyday Elegance collection. This set is called Twilight Meadow. How great is that?

9. This Lovely House print from Etsy. It’s so cute. It reminds me of Up.

10. An episode of Life of Brian. I love this man.

4 thoughts on “Hump Day Happies (11.10.10)

  1. 1. hahaha wife of brian. very good.
    2. SO alice!
    3. ooh! look at that fireplace!
    4. trees are so peaceful!
    5. LOVE
    6. ooh i like this!
    7. do it!
    8. twilight meadow!? do you think they named it that on purpose?!
    9. so up!
    10. haha poor hungry brian

  2. 1. i laughed out loud at the “coz i'm awesome.” chyea you are!
    2. aw very alice.
    3. hahahahaa napoleon.
    4. aw trees.
    5. haha! that sign really got that silhouette down.
    6. so cute :]
    7. yes i like these a lot.
    8. haha Japanese plates – you ARE asian!
    9. very up-esque lol
    10. aw sad day for brian.

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