Summer in Fall

Summer stayed with me for the week and it was wonderful. And this is what we did:

Saturday: We cleaned and organized a little for before Summer came. Then Jake came over and we picked Summer up, hung out in my room then made Jake leave so that we could get in our beds and talk and talk.

Sunday: Summer, Steph and I went to Reality SF, then back to my house, where Summer and I dressed-up, whilst Jake and Franklin waited for us to get ready. We headed over to Dixon for the World’s Largest Corn Field Maze, but not before stopping at Sonic for tots and limeades. Summer was a cat, Jake was a greaser, Franklin was a tacks collector (haha), and I was a mouse who wanted to be Minnie Mouse. We finished the maze in about an hour, then loaded back into the car to listen to the Giants game on the radio. We got to try Fenton’s Creamery in Oakland for the first time, and it was goooood. Then we got home, snuggled up in our beds, and watched a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

Monday: We spent most of the day watching HIMYM, then took BART to Powell and MUNI to the ball park, because we were going to meet up with everyone to watch the Giants game. Turned out that the place we were going to go to was too full, so we walked up to Steff’s Sports Bar instead. So that’s where we were when the Giants won the World Series. It was wonderful. After the big win, we walked all around the city, then took BART back to South City and hung out at Tiff’s to watch game coverage.

Tuesday: Since Summer I stayed up til, oh, about 5 am the night before, we spent what little part of the day we had left watching HIMYM. Then we drove to Walnut Creek to meet up with the Wulffs for dinner. After dinner and dessert, we went to Jake’s house. Since we were in Hayward, it was decided that we had to go to Sonic for limeades. I got the largest size, and after about two sips, I spilled it all over Jake’s car. I guess it was just not meant to be.

Wednesday: Got to wake up to the wonderful Giants Parade, then Summer, Steph and I went to Masu, Target, then back home for more HIMYM. Later that night, we went to comm group #1 in the Sunset.

Thursday: We took BART to Powell to meet Tiff for lunch at King of Thai. Man I love that place. Then we headed home for, yes that’s right, HIMYM. Comm group #2 in the Mission was later that night, and we found an AWESOME parking spot right on 17th. It was definitely a victorious feeling. Back at home, we ate pupusas and watched HIMYM. Why yes, HIMYM consumed most of our week.

Friday: Woke up very, very late and (do I even have to say it?) watched HIMYM. We were so close to finishing, but then Jakey came to pick up Summer for their date. So I spent the evening with my mom. We had dinner at Elephant Bar, then walked around Serramonte. We went to the pet shop and looked at all the wonderful little animals, and decided that we really want a Pomeranian. They’re so stinkin cute! Then we curled up at home and watched Anne of Avonlea. Man I love those Anne movies. When Summer got home, we finished watching HIMYM. So let’s see… that’s two seasons of HIMYM in about six days. We’re good at what we do.

Saturday: This day blurred by. My family went and picked my dad up from the airport, and then a few hours later, I was back there dropping Summer off.

And that was my week of Summer in Fall. And it was wonderful. I miss you, Summy Wummy. Christine: Now it’s your turn to come stay with me for a week. Haha.

3 thoughts on “Summer in Fall

  1. firstly, i like all the HIMYM watching!
    secondly, i like the details on your costumes :] esp the mouse gloves and kitty collar. and the fact that you were cat and mouse.
    thirdly, i like this day by day summary a lot.
    fourthly, yes we will have to plan a visit.

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