Hump Day Happies (11.03.10)

Happy Wednesday! Here are “10 Things I Love” today.

Noelle’s 18th birthday at Friday’s five years ago

1. Noelle. Today is her birthday, and she is now 23 years old. Happy birthday, you old woman, you. ❤

Summer the cat

2. Summer being here. She flew up on Saturday for the Halloween weekend and won’t be leaving me until this Saturday. But we won’t think about that part right now.

3. These mini ice cubes seen here. Let the records show that I am a Coca-Cola girl all the way, but this ad is still pretty great.

4. This beautiful glittery pumpkin candle holder from this Twig & Thistle post. Pumpkins, candles, and sparkle? Yes please.

5. This set-up, seen in this Apartment Therapy post. I love how all the red makes the room look hot. (And yes, the word “hot” here has a double-meaning.)

6. Haha, thanks “Reality.” And thank you website.

7. These bookshelf/frame things from this beautiful blog. So wonderful.

8. Taylor Swift’s newest album, Speak Now. She just keeps getting better and better with every album. This is my favorite one yet.

9. Coconut water by Naked. I already love their juices. I love getting fresh coconut and drinking the water and eating the meat, so this is a nice substitute.

10. Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. Guess how cute I think this is. Wanna know where I first saw it? Here.

5 thoughts on “Hump Day Happies (11.03.10)

  1. I am IN LOVE with Taylor Swift's new album. It's been on repeat for three days straight. Ugh it's sooo good. And Marcel the Shell is adorably funny! I love Hump Day Happies posts. 🙂

  2. 1. aw bday shout out
    2. dude this is one crazy maize maze.
    3. yes i liked this one so much!
    4. i do like me a glitter pumpkin.
    5. whoa that is one red room.
    6. hahaha
    7. yes i loved these too.
    8. seriously best album yet. so great!
    9. whoa. i dont know if i can handle this much coconut but i do like my juice naked.
    10. so silly. lint dog on a hair leash lol

  3. thanks for the bday shout!! i can't believe that was 5 years ago!! times fly by right?? loved talking to you yesterday too..that needs to happen more! Have fun with Summer!

  4. 1. yay!
    2. yayyy!
    3. lol cute!
    4. very nice
    5. ooh lala! live there!
    6. pahahaha
    7.wooahh love love loveee
    8. so so good. <2
    9. haha naked.
    10. you KNOW how i feel about this.

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