Hump Day Happies (10.27.10)

Hello “10 Things I Love Wednesday.” I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already!

1. My new pumpkin spice candle. Is that fall I smell in my room? Why yes, yes it is.

2. Honda’s Tango Red Pearl Insight. My obsession with Toyota’s Salsa Red Prius now has a rival. Way to be a copy-cat, Honda. I won’t hold it against you though.

3. These Alice glasses from Urban Outfitters. So great.

4. These colored pencils from this old Style Me Pretty post.

5. This picture from a more current Style Me Pretty post. It reminds me of prom group pictures. So cute.

6. I’ve finally started catching up on my DVR’ed Boy Meets Worlds, and I love  Cory Matthews. So, so, so much. He’s just wonderful. Wonderful.

7. Sunflowers. I love them a lot. Definitely my favorite flower.

8. How I Met Your Mother. I can’t believe I never watched this show before. It’s SO great. (I need some new adjectives.) It’s up there with F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Yeah, I said it. I just finished watching season one, and I can’t wait to watch the rest.

9. Game One of the World Series tonight. Go Giants!!

10. This old McDonald’s commercial. Haha. Why didn’t I think of this? (Ignore the creepy little ad at the end, lol.)

2 thoughts on “Hump Day Happies (10.27.10)

  1. 1. haha “why yes, yes it is”
    2. i like the sound of “red pearl” more than “salsa red”
    3. wow those glasses are fantastic!
    4. ooh i like these pencils a lot.
    5. oh i like this so much. i think a lot of it has to do with the grey wall and that it reminds me a LOT of jcrew ads.
    6. aw mr. brillowhead.
    7. sunflowers are the sunniest flowers. hah
    8. agreed! “yeah, i said it”
    9. here we go
    10. hahahhaha “oh yes! and one other thing…” haha dirty lurker ad at the end

  2. 1. NO CANDLES!
    2. tango red is a good name
    3. omg! we have the one where they are playing cards! well sam has it…but i got it for her! lol
    4.mmmm pencilsss
    5.aww cuteee
    6. yep. <3 'you're a very sexy boy,cory'
    7.ooh yes.
    8. Im addicted.
    10. omg so so weird.

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