Hump Day Happies (10.13.10)

Happy Wednesday! Here is this week’s “10 Things I Love” post (inspired by Elsie). Enjoy =).

1. This website. These are just a few of my favorites. Definitely want to do one sometime, haha.

2. These plates from Noritake. Especially the red ones. Saw them on this Style Me Pretty post.

3. My Disney Princess blanket that Steph got for me from Costco. The only downside is that it gets little fuzzies all over you, even after I washed it. But that’s a small price to pay for it’s warmth and comfort.

4. My Disneyland soundtrack CDs <3. Now I can pretend I'm there whenever I want.

Photo cred (Thank you Stumble! button)

5. This horrified and amused me all at the same time, so it made it on this list.

6. These suede wedge shoes from Target. I’ve been really into wedges recently, and suede, for some reason.

7. These candles from Etsy. So great.

8. I love snow globes. I want to collect them and display them on a beautiful shelf someday. But for now I can just admire them from afar, thanks to Urban.

9. These book ends from ModCloth. They’re no az, but I love the literal-ness of them.

10. This video from last year. Ellen + Taylor Swift = good times. Hah.

2 thoughts on “Hump Day Happies (10.13.10)

  1. 1. o man those are the best ones.
    2. the last set looks delicious.
    3. oooh pretty.
    4. i was just listening to the haunted mansion track last night <2
    5. wow is that terrifying.
    6. i like the wedge + suede. very fall.
    7. so cute!
    8. i really really like this. please have a coraline-like snowglobe collection please!
    9. haha these are pretty great.
    10. saved the best for last!!! this still makes me laugh. so so so great!

  2. 1. man, so great.
    2. very pretty, you should have these
    4.thank you for these so much! i loooove them
    5.omg what the heck
    6. love em, my sister just recently got the same ones!
    8. haha mustache
    9. love
    10. haha always funny i like her boots

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