Twenty-One Things I’ve Learned Since Graduation

  1. I really love cereal and toaster waffles.
  2. When you don’t have anything to do the next day, you can sleep in.
  3. When you don’t have anything to do during the day, you can sleep.
    4. Sabrina Spellman and Cory Matthews totally get me.
  4. DVR is a beautiful thing.
  5. I need a passion. And more goals.
  6. I enjoy baseball when I actually sit down and watch it. Go Giants!
  7. I still think basketball is better.
  8. My fingernails grow very quickly.
  9. Studying when you don’t have to is way better than studying when you do have to.
  10. Procrastination is not as fun when you don’t have anything to procrastinate on.
  11. Life was so easy up until now. I wonder if I’ll say that in another 20 years.
  12. Probably. And that is sad.
  13. You can control your weather by staying inside your house all day long.
  14. When your real life is rather boring, your subconscious retaliates by making your dream world rather interesting.
  15. I am semi-addicted to Coca-Cola.
  16. Due to my extremely low tolerance for pain, it’s a good idea for me to begin mentally preparing myself to give birth to children now, in case I ever do need to sometime in the future.
  17. I love having painted nails.
  18. I love playing with and holding babies–I’m very glad I was placed in the nursery at church.
  19. I recently really like kiwis, and could probably eat like five a day, except that my mouth can’t handle the acidity.
  20. Finding a job is a lot harder that I thought it would be.

2 thoughts on “Twenty-One Things I’ve Learned Since Graduation

  1. i'm reading and commenting simultaneously.
    i like where this lists starts :]
    yes to #4-DVR.
    and #9 studying.
    reached a depressing point at #11&12. care not to repeat.
    and i'm experiencing #13.
    #14 huh maybe that's why the dreams.
    #20. a good solid ending.

  2. Comment time!
    #1 amen sister
    #2 ditto
    #3 Do you get tired in teh midle of the day even after sleeping in? I'm finding that I do, and its a bit of a mystery as to why that is
    #3b aww cory
    #4YEAH it is
    #5 You have plenty of passions my friend. just hone them.
    #6 yeah i dunno
    #7 yes
    #8 hmmm [i probably dont need to comment on every single one of these but I'm gunna]
    #9 i wish i had something to study for
    #10 yep
    #11 ugh… yeah
    #13 yes! and how much $$$ you spend!
    #14 interesting.
    #16 hahahaha
    #17 mmhmmm!
    #18 squshy babies! 'too intese, too intense!'
    #19 hmm i dont think ive ever had a kiwi. You should make me try one when I come visit.
    #20 aww, im sorry. You'll get one when you're meant to!

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