Most people know by now about the horrible fire that happened in San Bruno on Thursday. It was so crazy how fast everything happened, and how many homes and lives were destroyed. While watching the news coverage, I thought about how disasters get people all frazzled. Understandably, of course, but still. It’s too bad that that’s what it takes for people to get excited and passionate about things. We don’t think about the people who don’t have homes every night. Or about all of the lives that are lost in places that we haven’t even heard about.

I also thought about how we really, truly do take our lives for granted. How that gas pipe could have exploded anywhere, and how the time is NOW for people to know Jesus, because there is no time! The more suffering that’s going on in the world is a better and clearer picture of Jesus, as Britt Merrick said. We see Him work, we see Him move, and we see why we need Him so much. I can’t wait til He comes back. Now THAT’S going to be crazy.


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