The Wonderful Five Days of Disney

My trip to Anaheim with my mom was very fun. I got to go to Disneyland with Christine and Gaby. It was so good. I was bummed that Summer couldn’t make it since she was sick, but I’m glad that I got to see her at home the following weekend. We watched Beauty & the Beast with my mom, sister, and Tiff at the Golden Gate Theater, and that was great.

I miss Disney though. And my SoCal friends. I was happy that I was able to get my Minnie pictures for each day I was there, so I can keep the tradition alive. I was thinking though, maybe I should aim for a new character + pose, and for a real challenge, get them both each time I’m there. But we’ll see about that. For now I’ll stick with Minnie:

And yes, I realize that I look pretty much the same in every single one of these… But so does Minnie, and it’s ok. I like consistency anyway.

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