I’m so bored. I have no friends right now. They’re all off doing other things or they don’t live near here. I need a life. And a job. Mainly a job. It’s so annoying not knowing what I’m supposed to do next. Or even, what I want to do next. People put in all this time and energy throughout their lives to go to college, graduate, and get jobs. It’s like all my life, I’ve been running towards the edge of a cliff that leads to a jump. The jump came, passed, and now I’m just in free-fall, waiting to hit the bottom and take off running again for the next big phase of life.


2 thoughts on “Free-fall

  1. o man this is so good. :]
    i was just thinking today about how i feel like i worked all my life to graduate from college. and now i don't know what to do. huh…this didn't sound so depressing in my head.

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