Maui Madness + July Jubilee

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since Hawaii. I miss it so much. It was such a great vacation. We drove to Hana, swam in one of the Seven Sacred Pools, ate at Aloha Mixed Plate with the Wulffs, snorkeled at Molokini and Turtle Town then slept for like eight hours afterward, probably due to Dramamine, went to a luau, ate fresh pineapple and coconut, visited the All’i Kula Lavender Farm, shopped on Front St., saw the Iao Needle, and swam and swam in the ocean and swimming pool. And on the way, I pretended that Jeff was our pilot. He was not.

After Hawaii, I had a few days back home before it was time for 4th of July camping. So fun. It made me realize how much I love my family. Not that I didn’t know it before, but that weekend was just a nice reminder.

That following Sunday, I went to another one of my favorite places, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with Gabriel and his sisters. It was wonderful. Then we went to his parents’ house for a delicious dinner. After hanging out for a while, we left Santa Cruz for Palo Alto (and it’s “good air”) to go to one of Gabriel’s friend’s dinner parties. Nice evening. We decided that maybe someday Gabriel will be a sitcom writer and I will be the star. “The One With the Sneaker Date.” Hah.

I love it there so much. I spent this weekend down south since Saturday was Coleman & Dayna’s wedding. I left South City Friday at 6 AM and drove down to Irvine to visit Sarah. Driving for nine hours on a sunny California Highway in a dark car under the blistering sun with a broken air conditioner is something I never want to endure ever again. But seeing Sarah was fun. Coleman & Dayna’s wedding was so beautiful. Dayna did a wonderful job. They’re so great.

Then Saturday night after the wedding, I drove to Simi Valley to see the Wulffs. Sunday, we went to Carpinteria to go to Reality. I miss it there so much. Then we went to Super Cuca’s with Jake and Stephen. Miss that place, too. And the guys. Haha. Then we got to see the Thomsens. I just love them . Then we played at the park. Sure missed Christine. Man. Anyway, back at Summer’s house, we ate some turkey dogs. They were so great. I haven’t had a hot dog since before I gave meat up in December 2004. But every time I went to a barbecue, I craved a hot dog in a bun with ketchup. Now, my dog cravings can be satisfied once again. Thank you Ball Park.

It’s so weird that it’s already mid-July. Time goes by so fast when you’re unemployed. Bleck.

2 thoughts on “Maui Madness + July Jubilee

  1. i am a little jealous.
    and why aren't there any pictures of the wedding up yet??? every day, jennie and i check and only once were there some. but not enough at all.
    jennie and i watched the reality sermon from sunday. cried my eyes out. oh reality how i miss thee.

  2. A BLOG! It's like some kind of miracle. Yes Hawaii was pretty great. And I'm glad you got to go to one of your favorite places. I'm so glad you got to visit and that it worked out, and yes, Christine, you were DEARLY missed. man, i want another one of those turkey dogs.

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