Most of my friends know about my love for Home Depot. I love the smell, the big orange building, the warehouse-design, the slightly slippery floor, and the fact that you can find so many random things if you know how to look. Something about big buildings that house various home amenities. One of my favorite sections is the toilet section. I don’t know why, but I really like seeing all the clean, shiny porcelain toilets on display. Ok I know, I’ve reached a whole new weird. I can’t help it.

On a slightly different note, when using a public restroom, I’m the type of girl who commits to her stall. You know those who don’t–she walks into her stall only to find that the person before her didn’t properly flush, so Your Majesty backs out of the stall in disgust and goes to find a flushed stall worthy of her use. I mean, ok fine, I guess I don’t blame her… un-flushed toilets are gross. But come on, you’re using a public bathroom. Your standards couldn’t be too high going in. Well anyway, my point is that, unless my attempts at flushing the un-flushed toilet fail, then I’m staying. One day, however, for some reason, I went against my natural instincts and walked out of a stall that had gone un-flushed and was covered with toilet seat covers. And I’m glad that I did. The girl who ended up using that stall, flushed the toilet, and when she did, water started pouring out. I was in the stall right next to it, and as water started flowing into my section, I hear, “Sorry, careful for the water. There’s an apple in this toilet, so it’s clogging it.” Yeah, there was an apple in the toilet. What the heck? Yeah I don’t know. Good thing I broke my loyalty rule that time. Man.

Another time, I was at the library studying, so it’s not like I was having a great day or anything. I went to use the bathroom, and written on the stall door was “I ❤ RR.” That had to make me smile, because it made me think of how Mehul got all the MANsion boys to start calling me that, since those are my initials.

One thing that sucks about public bathrooms though is when you use the last of the toilet paper, and you come out of the stall to find a long line of girls (because there is always a line) waiting to walk into that very stall that you just used. It’s like, do you warn them before they get in there, or do you just avoid eye contact and let them find out the hard way? And if you do let them know, do you need to explain that you used the last of it, so that they don’t think you didn’t use any at all or something? It’s some tricky business, this public restroom-usage.

And with that, how about a fun toilet fact:

“The average person spends three whole years of their life sitting on the toilet.”

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