"It’s the End of an Era"

“An era is defined as a significant period of time. Now, it was significant to me, maybe it wasn’t significant to you!”
Well, Senior Year is over. And this is how it went.


Christine and I led this year’s transfer girls Bible study. It was different than we thought it would be, and it was definitely different than our group, but it was good. We had many good conversations and discussions and studied some great books–Daniel and 1 & 2 Peter. I’ll miss being one of their Bible study leaders.

At the beginning of the year, Dave texted me asking if I wanted to cut his hair. So I said of course. So he came over, and I got to snipping. Then he found out that I don’t cut hair. For some reason he thought that I did. That was a fun experience. It came out pretty good, too. Granted, I had some help from Shea towards the end, haha. I miss Dave. And Travis.

Then I decided to go to home group with Summer, and I am so glad that I did.

Later in October, we went to Six Flags and had a lovely time. The night ended on the roof at Summer’s house, with me trying to see a shooting star during the meteor shower. Our attempt failed, and Gaby and I ended our night soaking our freezing toesies in our tub.

In November, we went to Disneyland, which was wonderful. Which makes me realize that I haven’t been to Disneyland since then. This must be rectified at once.

At the end of that month, there was that fateful day that I met Jake and Rory, and then Rory drove Michelle, Jon, Sarah, and me to CPK, where we met Summer, had dinner, and went to the Switchfoot concert. And Jon Foreman ran right by us. Man oh man.

Discovered Shea’s beignets this quarter.

Winter break involved me at home with my swollen face, and now I am wisdom-toothless because of it.


Winter quarter started out with us saying good bye to Michelle since she was leaving for Australia. We did this by cramming everyone into my little apartment. We were not without pizza though, thanks to Will, so it was all alright.

Then it was my birthday dinner at Elephant Bar with the home groupies + Christine, and my actual birthday with pizza, wine, and home movies of yours truly at Summer’s house.

And who can forget Pi(e) Day? Spent all night long making signs for pi(e) puns at Christine’s apartment, whilst watching Mulan.

Then there was our wonderful Alice weekend. So great. Man. Oh winter quarter. Ended it with Summer visiting my home home for spring break, along with wine tasting at the castle in Calistoga with Lily and our moms.


The first week of spring quarter, my sister came and visited me, and at the same time, Sam came to visit Summer. Steph and I went to the zoo and we all had our “There-Is-No-Way-I-Am-Kissin-A-Frog-And-Eatin-A-Bug-In-The-Same-Day” Day, with burnt beignets that looked like coal, and of course, the favorite movie.

Spring quarter also marks the beginnings of our hang outs with what is now known as the Loquats, at Rory’s volleyball games. Where it all began, for the most part…

Jesus Loves IV Week was Real Life’s ministry event this year, and it was so good. We went all around IV and cleaned people’s houses. Christine and I specifically did it with some of our Bible study girls. Plus we got to wear cool shirts, haha.

Camping in Summer’s backyard was wonderful. “You could fit your tent in here.” And so we did. Good thing it happened before what we like to call “The Original Thursday.” Marked the beginnings of our very own reality show. Yup. Good times. Right on.

One lovely Tuesday after Summer was done with class, we decided to watch Buffy in the back room. Someone locked us in though, so how did we decide to let it be known that we were trapped? We banged on the piano, of course! And, of course, the one time we actually did want to be bothered, nobody came running. Oh gosh.

Cabin weekend at Ashley’s cabin was great. Sarah Gasca was even there, which made it even better. It was so nice to get away to the mountains and be disconnected from the virtual world, due to no internet connection or cell phone service. And Christine and I decided that honeymooning in the mountains would be a good idea. So we’ll be working on that once the time comes. Hah, this sounds like we mean honeymooning together. We do not.

Went to visit Sarah in Irvine, and got to hang out with Danny Mitchell for a little while, which was nice. Visited Carren at Coffee Bean on her last day of work, too. Sarah inspired me to actually practice my guitar again, so that was good. And now, thanks to Summer, I have a capo, so I can practice even better than before.

LOST is finally over. And it ended horribly. But I’m glad that it ended. I’m going to need some time to get over that one though. Man. At least I still have Buffy. And F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I’ll always have that…

Summer discovered Goleta Coffee Company, and it is a wonderful place.

Memorial Day weekend was Wicked and camping with the family. That was WONDERFUL (“They’ll call you wonderful”). Summer and I were the only ones who “juiced.” Chickens.

Taco Tuesday at Chino’s with Franklin and Christine was fun. And Dublin’s. And Study Hall. And then sleeping through Anne of Green Gables at Christiney’s.

Epic all-day hike with Christine and Stephen. Heat exhaustion, not so good, but overall the day was wonderful. Yay hiking.

Had our Final Friday with the Loquats + Rory at BJ’s for our traditional pizookie. That was fantaaaaastic. Haha. Then present time and The Soundtrack of Our Lives in Summer’s car with the Loquats. Going to sleep at 5 AM was never more worth it.

Graduated. Got to walk with Summer. And Anna-Marie and Erandy and Gaby. And it’s over. It’s all over. Obviously this isn’t all I did senior year, but these are a few of the highlights. I’m back in South City now. The world of “hella.” Bleck. Hopefully the next step is “like Senior Year, but funner!”

“It’s almost like you’re here with me, although we’re far apart.”

2 thoughts on “"It’s the End of an Era"

  1. woo hoo! i made it to the end of this post! lol
    and i like how you specified that we do not intend to honeymoon together hahaha
    and you had to end it on a tear-jerker, didn't you?

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