The End of May and Beginning of June

So because I like to sum up my months, and because one reason why I blog is so that I can look back and be reminded of what I did, and it’s already the second week of June, it’s time I got going with a May cap and a June reminisce. Plus, these past few weeks have been really fun, so I definitely want to remember them.
A lot went on the end of May. May 18, Jake, Stephen, Summer, Matt, and Andrew had a locals night, kinda, and went to Kid’s World to play and climb the alleged Joshua tree, to the park across the street to see the gazebo and look at the ducks, to the Mission for a “puppet show,” and to the Frog Shrine. Haha. We’re so weird. But it was fun.
The second to last home group was on May 20, and we made “sack lunches” with sandwiches, cookies, and chips and then went out into IV and downtown SB to give them to the homeless and hang out with them. It was cool. I wish I had gone out and done that sooner. The next day, I went with Summer to Simi Valley so we could watch Sam’s plays. Christine rode down with us too, since she went home that weekend. That was fun. Oh, the rules of comedy. After the plays, we ate at the Corner Bakery Cafe, which I liked very much, except that they closed while we were still in there and I tried to refill my Dr. Pepper, but they had already cleaned and turned off the soda machine, so I embarrassingly rushed out, and in my rush, my cup slipped out of my hand, which forced me to slow down so that I could pick it up. Haha.
That Saturday, we had some friend-stuff time with Jake, Stephen, and Summer regarding “The Original Thursday.” Sunday, Summer and I had a study day. We started off at Goleta Coffee Company, which was wonderful. The only bad thing was that they closed at 5, so we tried going to Java Station, since Jake suggested it and we have never been, but they were very crowded, so we settled for a study room on the fifth floor of the library. I’m proud to say that we actually got some studying done. But of course, that isn’t ALL we did. When is “just studying” ever all we do? We played too, of course. That Tuesday, Stephen, Christine, and I had a nice study time in a library study room, only this time, on the sixth floor, lol.
May 27 was our last home group, which was very sad, but it was also very fun. Afterward, we went and got Christine and then went back to Jake’s to finally watch The Princess and the Frog. Stephen laughed at all the right parts, lol. Jake slept through most of it. He’s just going to have to watch it again. With his eyes taped open. The next day, Summer, Christine, and I woke up very early, packed up my car, went and got Starbucks, wrote the theme on my car, and headed to the bay. We stopped in San Mateo for Masu, which was wonderful as usual. Man. Then Christine and Summer took a nap in my bed and had dreams about me whilst I did laundry and showered. Then we took BART, met up with Tiffy Schmiffy and Barbie Lee and were off to see Wicked. It was so stinkin fantastic. I’m semi-obsessed with it. Man it was so good. I’m glad that I went into it not really knowing the plot for it.
Then the next day we got up early again for camping. We picked up Lily, played with Jojo, stuffed my car with all of our stuff, got gas and Starbucks in American Canyon, then drove to Folsom. That was the first time I had ever driven to camping, and I liked it. Camping was fun, but much too short. It was kind of cold too, so that was a bummer. And of course, I got eaten up my mosquitoes. But it was fun. We skinny-dipped as planned (or at least Summer and I did…), ate s’mores, and went on a “hike.” I’m excited for 4th of July camping, which is fast approaching.
 Monday, we got up, packed up, dropped off Lily, went and got El Faro, took showers, and drove back to SB. It was quite an entertaining car ride. We talked like Kendra and sang in opera voices. Yup. We’re weird. But it was a nice way to end May.
I love the first day of a month, so for June 1, Franklin, Christine, and I went to Chino’s Rock ‘n’ Tacos for their $1 tacos and $2 beer. Then we went to Dublin’s and Study Hall, so that we would be able to cross them off our list. Christine and I watched Anne of Green Gables that night too. Well, Christine watched, since she had never seen it before, whilst I slept through most of it lol. I did catch the end though, which is my favorite part anyway. Then June 2 was my last day of lecture as an undergrad. June 3 I attempted some studying and hung out with Lauren and then Summer at Caje. That night, Stephen took Summer, Christine, and I to The Palace Grill downtown, since we had been talking about it for a while. It was good. Then we went and got Jake, and we all went to Kid’s World and the park across the street again and played a nice game of Sardines Pickles. (It’ll catch on.) Then Stephen took us to Periwinkle Lane in Montecito, which is a place where apparently little people used to live, so everything’s smaller than normal. Then we just hung out at the beach, which was very nice. I love looking at the ocean at night. The horizon blends with the sky, and it’s just so vast and intense. 
Friday morning, Christine and I went to Stephen’s since we were going to go on one of the hardest hikes in Santa Barbara. It was so great. We went to Red Rock, and continued on as the trail became Gibraltar Trail. 
Us at the beginning of our hike
It was funny how in IV it was all foggy, but as soon as we got over to the other side of the mountain it was bright and sunny. It was such a fun hike. We had to rock hop–it’s amazing that none of us lost our balances while we did that. Granted, I did lose my balance once, but I wasn’t in the water and I only fell on a plant, so that was ok lol. But anyway, it was such an interesting hike. We even had to take off our shoes and socks and walk through the river a couple times. And I had never experienced being bitten by a fly before. They were so aggressive. Man. The second half before we reached our destination (this old abandoned mine) was a little more tiring, and reminded me of Bishop’s Peak and how it always almost kills me lol. Before we got to the mine, I ran out of water, and my hands were so swollen from the heat and sun. It was pretty gross lol. We finally got to the mine though, and it was so great. We had a few Snow White moments, before taking cover in the mine’s shade. 
I was suffering from heat exhaustion, which happened to me that last time I hiked Bishop’s with Christopher. I felt horrible. Heat exhaustion is a very bad thing. Somehow, we made it back to the picnic table where we had lunch, and I took a little nap. That made me feel a little better, and we were back on our way. I peed in the toilet in the forest. That was definitely a highlight lol. We FINALLY got back to the trail head at about 7:30 PM. We started at about 10:30 AM, so our 10-12 mile hike took us about 9 hours. We probably would’ve been faster if I hadn’t had to sleep lol. Overall, it was very, very fun, but I would only hike all the way to the mine again on a foggy day lol. 
Us at the end of our hike (our faces were to show how we were feeling)
The next day was my last day of work with Transportation & Parking Services. Of course I got sunburned. You would think that that would’ve happened on our hike. But nope. I go on a 10-12 mile hike and my skin’s fine, but for my 6-hour work shift, I take a sun-beating. Sunday was my second-to-last week at Reality. It was good, and surprisingly I didn’t fall asleep, even though I had only gotten about 1-2 hours due to my temporary insomnia. After church, Christine and I went to Border’s and Barnes and Noble downtown to find moleskines. Haha. We also stopped by the presidio to visit Stephen on his last day of working there. He showed us around a little. I love places like that. Christine and I discussed how I’m probably going to get married at a mission or the presidio and it’s going to be “My Big Fat Latin Life Spice.” Haha, oh gosh.

One thought on “The End of May and Beginning of June

  1. this was a very very good month. oh camping and hiking. and the palace! and not falling asleep during reality whilst sitting next to jeff & karen! and stephen catching the lizard!

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