There’s something about studying at a popular coffee shop in a college town, with its free wi-fi, trendy decor, interesting menu, and late hours. It’s like everyone here is commonly bound by the chains of final papers and tests. We all have the same enemy–school.

School isn’t the only reason why people gather here, though. If you sit here long enough, you can catch two friends catching up over bagels, or a couple on a date. Now that I think about it, I’ve probably spent more time here intending to study, but watching people instead.

It’s fun when someone who’s been sitting here just as long as you have gets up to leave, though. It’s a little motivating, because it makes you think that maybe they finished whatever assignment they were working on, and that there’s hope for you yet. Or I guess it could be discouraging, because it could also mean that they gave up, and are going home to sleep. Either way, one can relate to the feeling.

I’m gonna miss this kind of life.

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