"Good Morning, Baltimore"

I’m in a way better mood than I really should be this morning. Friday and Saturday night I was in Irvine visiting Sarah, which means that I slept on the floor of her room for two nights in a row, and went to sleep late and woke up early. Sunday, I did the same thing, except I was in my own bed. Yesterday I took an hour nap before Bible study, and I was determined to sleep well once my long day was finally over. Of course, I had coffee at Caje since I was doing homework, got to bed at 1, but didn’t fall asleep until maybe sometime after 3:30, if I even really fell asleep at all. For some reason I just couldn’t fall asleep. I was wide awake. I almost got out of bed to wash dishes and do homework, but figured that I should at least try to sleep. Got up at 6… now here I am at work in the kiosk. My bike ride was very gloomy. It’s just a gloomy day. It was cold and sprinkly on my way to work, and I’m fighting to keep my eyes open. I probably look horrible. But for some reason, I’m not grumpy. Which is very strange, because when I’m tired, I’m GRUMPY. You know. I know you know. Hah. I feel like Tracy Turnblad, from Hairspray, when she sings “Good Morning, Baltimore” on her way to school. When I first watched the movie, I really didn’t think she had much of a reason to be so happy that morning. I guess she didn’t really need a reason.

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