Hi, My Name Is Winter

So Sunday, Christine and I went to Reality’s 12 PM service and sat with Leanna, Summer, Stephen, Sarah, Jeff, and Karen. It was great. Then Christine and I went and ate lunch at The Spot (or as I like to call it, the Carp Shack), which really was THEE spot because it was very busy. The Spot really did hit the spot though. Hah.

 After lunch, we came back to my apartment as usual and I laid on my bed while Christine laid on Shea’s. I knew that we would fall asleep, and that we shouldn’t nap, but we did anyway and it was gooooood. Monday was a busy day, as usual, but it was fun. It was Kelly’s birthday, and she was the only one who came to Bible study. Christine had made cookies in honor of her birthday, and Kelly brought delicious cupcakes that she made, the way you would bring cupcakes on your birthday for your class in elementary school. We had a nice time finishing the book of 1 Peter and starting 2 Peter. Then Summer came by and hung out with us for a little while.

Tuesday morning I went to work, then came home and hung out, until the cyber roomies decided that we should study and eat ice cream and cookies together. So I went and picked up Summer and Christine and brought them back to my apartment. We were all sitting in the living room, and wanted to talk, but Gaby was on the couch reading and we didn’t want to disturb her, so we all chatted on Windows Live Messenger instead. Haha. Then I took Summer and Shea to class, came back and hung out with Christine, then took Christine to class and picked up Summer. I finished my homework assignment in record time, and then it was time for dinner. We went and picked up Christine from her apartment and drove to Elephant Bar. As is customary, Summer started crying on the way there, because she was thinking about how we picked up and Christine and were all going out, and how we aren’t going to be able to do that anymore. Ugh. We composed ourselves and went inside, and I asked for a table for three for Winter. Because that is my new name. It makes sense. I was born in the winter, Summer was born in the summer, and Christine will be Autumn just because, even though she was born two days after Summer, lol.

After dinner, we headed over to Stephen’s house to hang out and wait for Jake. The Thomsens had received Summer’s graduation announcement, and so we put Summer’s picture on the fridge. She’s lucky to have her picture on there. The rest of us (i.e., Christine and I) can only hope to someday make it on there. Once Jake got there, we all squished onto the couch and sat for a while, talking about the things that we like about each other lol, then watched Ellen (NOT pilates). They seemed to enjoy it, which we were glad about, and now they will get a few more of our little inside jokes, lol. “The baaaangs!” We also decided that we need a group name. So far, we’ve come up with The Loquats, The Group of Tenderness, or The Softies. Once that was over, we hung out some more, with Summer laying across our laps, until Jake decided that he had to leave. Then we migrated over to Stephen’s room, where he played his guitars and banjo and sang for us. It was so great.

Yesterday, Summer, Christine, and I went on a secret mission that failed (but we shall prevail next time!), and got Starbucks and Blender’s. Then we went to Campbell Hall since we were going to see Bill Nye the Science Guy with the boys. That was pretty entertaining. Bill talked about how his dad was obsessed with sundials, and how all sundials have like a motto. He told us about a French sundial that he saw, which said, “Every hour injures–the last one kills.” He also told us about a sundial on Mars: “Two Worlds, One Sun.” Everyone “awwed” at the one, haha. We also discovered that Stephen, Jake, and I are part of the Space Generation, since we were born after October 4, 1957, and Christine and Summer are part of the Climate Generation, since they were born after June 23, 1988.

After Bill, we went to Summer’s house and watched Taken (finally) with everyone plus Megan and Leanna. I love that movie so much. Liam Neeson’s character reminds me of my dad. Granted, my dad was never a government spy, but he could’ve been–he definitely has the brains and brawn for it. I love my dad.

Good times (haha). Today I’m going to meet up with Kristin Cameron, since we haven’t talked in SO long, and then go to home group. Then tonight, Christine and I are going to go to her house in LA, and tomorrow I’m going to Irvine to hang out with Sarah. Man these days sure are going by quickly…

3 thoughts on “Hi, My Name Is Winter

  1. it makes perfect sense that i'm winter bc i'm “born after summer”!! :]
    i still cannot believe you remembered those dates from Bill Nye. or was it in the moleskine?
    man a whole weekend w/o you or summer. booo

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