Camping is inTENTS

Man oh man last weekend was so fun. It started with home group on Thursday night. We didn’t have a usual one since Jeff and Karen were away celebrating their 31st wedding anniversary. So we all just hung out and had a game night. Summer and I made a cake beforehand using the red velvet box mix thing that I had, and since we didn’t have enough frosting to frost the entire cake, we decided to just write something on it. We were laughing at it when it was just plain because it looked like a slab of meat or a sunburned stomach. Haha.

Game night was fun. Summer, Will, and I were the first ones there, so we filled the house with The Princess and the Frog soundtrack, and Stephen showed us his backyard and his tree that he climbs, lol. Once people started coming, we started an intense game of Chinese Checkers with Jake, John Hannon, Will, Summer, Stephen, and me. We didn’t finish it though because we all just ended up sabotaging someone. We ended the night with Signs and Four on a Couch. I love my home group. I’m going to miss them so much.

Stephen in his tree

Friday, since I thought I had a work meeting, I showed up at work. Turns out the work meeting is this week, but they ended up needing me anyway so I worked until 11. Then Summer came and got me, we went and got Christine, went back to Summer’s because she forgot her swim suit, and then we headed off to Simi Valley. Summer had written THEE slogan on her car, which was wonderful. We also decided to name the dead bug that had been in her car for a while. Summer suggested Ray, but Christine and I groaned, since that’s just too soon. Haha. So we decided on Lee. When we got there, we hung out at Summer’s house for a little bit, then went and ate at Del Taco. Haha, I love their strawberry shakes and fries. After we ate, we had a lovely time at Target, then went to pick up Sam from school.

While we waited for Jake and Stephen to get there, we watched Glee, some Ellen, and Friends. Then the boys arrived! We watched a little more Friends, went on a house tour, and took a “hike” to hang out, have a photo shoot, and watch the sunset. Sam and I started dancing the middle school way and then the high school way, which led to Summer and Sam trying to dance, while Stephen tried to show me what he could remember of the Jitter Bug, and Jake and I two-stepped the way they do at The Grad, haha. After the sunset, on the way back to the car, we all laid down in the middle of the street the way they do in The Notebook, had a moment, and went back to Summer’s.

The girls went to get Gran Spumante, s’more stuff, and pizza, while the boys drank beer and put up the tents, haha. After we ate, we hung out in the super hot hot tub and pool with some Gran Spumante.

“Would you rather drink a pint of blood ‘puppies’ or go to school naked?” 
“Would you rather eat poop or go to school naked?” 
“Summer, don’t eat the poop!” 

We have good conversations. Then we sat around the fire and made s’mores and had nice, deep, pensive chats until approximately 5:30 AM. It was “right on good times.” We decided that we should probably go to bed, so we got into our tents. Jake brought his giant tent for Christine, Summer, and I to sleep in, and Jake and Stephen were sleeping in Stephen’s small, two-person walrus tent. The three of us were trying to figure out how to position our sleeping bags, and we were laughing at all the room that we had. So we decided to put the boys’ tent inside our tent. It was so great. Best part: Stephen’s bursting out his Harry Caray in the silence.

We probably fell asleep around 6, and then woke up at about 9. We pretty much hung out in the pool and hot tub all day long. Whilst in the hot tub, we linked arms and relaxed, made a whirlpool, made a human knot, pinched each other (lovingly), talked in accents, watched ants crawl all around and over us, ate loquats and pizza, listened to Jonas, marveled at a tiny preying mantis crawling on Stephen, and talked about many things. We also decided that our pseudonames are Megan, Malina, and Crystal for Summer, Christine, and I, respectively. For dinner, Summer’s dad made us turkey burgers and corn on the cob. We managed to fit all seven of us around the table, so that was nice. During dinner we listened to Colbie Caillat, which was oh so very great, and had some more good conversation, along with my weird bird call that my still-sore throat was making.

The day had to end sometime, so after dinner we packed up and headed to BJ’s in Oxnard. On our way there, I was thinking about the weekend, and about how much I love my friends, when THEE song came on, aka “Far Longer Than Forever.” I couldn’t take it anymore and started crying, but I was still trying to hide it because I didn’t want everyone else to start crying too. But then Summer had to go and say how the song reflects how we’re going to all be away from each other, and with that, I couldn’t hold it in any longer and so we all started bawling, as expected. When we got to BJ’s, we composed ourselves and went inside to ask for a table for five under the name Winter (me), haha, and then waited for the boys outside, in the smelly Oxnard air. I don’t know why it smelled outside BJ’s, but it did.

We got our table, and met our very strange server, named Shane. We ordered our family-style pizookie, since we are family after all, along with root beers all around, since BJ’s root beer is special, and had no trouble finishing off everything. And the boys paid for us like wonderful gentlemen.

When we were ready to leave, we decided that the boys needed to hear our theme song, so we all piled into Summer’s car and listened, whilst we cried/bawled. It got very hot in there, and Jake chimed in with “a little bit hotter now,” which I can’t really even explain, but hopefully when we read this years from now, we’ll remember why it was so great. We parted ways and headed back home. But no car ride is complete without crying, which we continued to do, whilst we reminisced about the weekend.

“Guys, I think we’ve gone mad.”

That was the consensus. We were very, very tired though, so that definitely added to our emotional night. Haha.

“I’ve got one question for ya–do ya like caaats?”


“Why don’t you like that?”

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