Down the Rabbit Hole

Man it has been a busy past few days. But they have been so, so good. Today in class my professor lectured on Erik Erikson and his eight life stages of development. It made me think about how college should be a stage of its own. I think I’m dwelling too much on this subject as of late. It was funny though, because this guy in front me was playing Diddy Kong Racing on his laptop all throughout lecture, and it made me feel nostalgic, because we used to always play that on our Nintendo-64 with all of the cousins, like on Thanksgiving. Oh, traditions.

I feel like I’ve been so busy, but I think that it’s only because I’ve been going to sleep very, very late and waking up early. I don’t think that’s too good for my body, but my soul feels so good. Thursday after home group, Stephen and I went to Summer’s house and we hung out. We attempted to play In A Pickle, but we just ended up talking instead. Then Friday through Sunday, Ashley, Shea, Gaby, Sarah Gasca, Christine, and I all went to Ashley’s cabin in Frazier Park. That was a fun weekend. From me cutting my finger on Gaby’s bottle opener key chain, to not fainting because of it, to having no internet or cell phone service at the cabin, to crisp, fresh mountain air, to good mountain tap water, to Gran Spumante and Lambrusco, to hiking up a little creek to a cold, crisp, clear waterfall, to sticking my face in said water, to not falling on my way back down the trail, to actually getting studying done, to sleeping oh so well in my shared room with Christiney Weeny, to Christine’s lion on her bed, to s’mores, to accidentally eating a small twig, to American Pie night, to Twister, to quality time with the roomies. That was a very fun weekend.

Monday I had work in the morning, then my two midterms. It was a very long day. But now I’m all done with midterms. That means that I never have to take a midterm for my undergraduate career ever again. That’s pretty great. Monday evening-ish, I went to Summer’s and we went running/walking. That was nice. Then we went to this rock climbing wall thing in IV and played. That was fun. And then we ate cake. Haha. Yesterday, Stephen and I met Jake at Rory’s game, and then we–including Summer–went on a night hike at The Playgrounds off of West Camino Cielo. That was so fun. It was exactly the kind of hike that I like. The kind where you’re not just walking up a mountain or something, but when you have to climb over (or under) rocks and through bushes and water and stuff. It was so great. And I finally saw a shooting star–three actually. Great view of Goleta, too. That was just so fun. And tonight we attempted to watch the meteor shower, along with Leanna. That didn’t really work out how we had planned, but it was still fun.

I’m such a sap because I think about how much fun I’ve been having, and then about how it’s all going to end soon. It’s like my heart aches from the thought of the near end, lol. I guess it’s also because I don’t feel like I have anything to move on to. I really, really loved high school, and I didn’t want that to end either, but I knew that I had college ahead of me, and so I was looking forward to that. Now I’m just stuck in a hole or something, and I know that I’ll get out eventually, but it’s almost as though I don’t believe that I actually will. I’m going to miss my friends so much.

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