Today marks forty days until graduation. I can’t believe it. College went by so fast. It feels like it went by faster than normal since I transferred. My two years at CSM flew by, and then I was ready to transfer. And now here I am, almost a college graduate. I never thought I would love a place so much. I really do not want to leave Santa Barbara. I was trying to figure out why that is. I thought that maybe I only think that I don’t want to leave here because this place represents freedom. But then I was thinking, that if I was given an opportunity to live on my own somewhere else besides here, I wouldn’t really want to. So that must mean that freedom is not my reason for wanting to stay here. Then I thought, maybe it’s because of the weather. But there are plenty of other places that have similar weather, and I don’t want to go live there. I guess this is one of those places that will always have a part of my heart. Does that sound bad? I’m giving part of my heart to a place? Haha. Or melodramatic? Whatever, I don’t even care. I love it here. I really do.

I do love everything that this place represents, too. Freedom, spiritual growth, knowledge, best friends, good food, ocean breeze, bicycles, and happiness. The only thing that this place is missing is my family, and my friends from home. I do like going home, but I wish that I could be in two places at once. It’s such a weird thing. It’s like when I’m home, I wish that I could bring everything from here to South City, but when I’m here, I wish that South City could be here. I miss little things from home, like Sign Hill, or driving down King Drive and looking at all the city lights. And Nippon Sushi. And El Faro. And doing random things at Tiff’s or Chris’ or Jeremy’s. Or having three Targets all close to home.

I guess moving back also represents real life, and I don’t mean Campus Crusade for Christ. I was biking on the bike path on campus the other day and I overheard this guy say to his friend: “I need to party a lot more before I go to med school.” I know what he means. Not about the partying thing, or even about the med school thing, but about taking advantage of the time I have left before I have to move on with what I’m going to do with my life.

Moving away from Santa Barbara and back to South City is going to be very bittersweet. Forty days is not long at all. Well, I guess it’s relative. Fasting in the desert for forty days and forty nights is a very long time, haha. So I guess relativity matters. If I think of it as 960 hours, then I’ve got plenty of time.

3 thoughts on “960

  1. i like that your blog is the same color as the super cucas ceiling mmmm :]
    and two places at once reminds me of a walk to remember, naturally. and i wish that too, but not here and home, here and st. louis.
    ahhh the targets are a must!
    i like the 960! puh-lenty of time! but also, in my new testament lit class we discussed how 40 has significance in the Bible to mean a period of testing or judgment or trial. that's interesting, huh?

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