"It Won’t Cost Much–Just Your Voice!"

Wednesday (a week ago) after class, I drove home. I didn’t tell anyone that I was coming home, except for my family and the cousins. Nice relaxing weekend, except that on Thursday night my throat starting getting sore, and then stayed sore all weekend long, and then yesterday I pretty much lost my voice. Still can’t really talk. And have an annoying cough sometimes. And it’s getting kinda annoying having to explain to everyone that I lost my voice. Hopefully it comes back soon. It’s kind of ironic though, because on Monday in Bible study we studied 1 Peter 4, and the first part of verse 11 made us think.

“If anyone speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God. -1 Peter 4:11a”

Sure adds a whole new meaning to “think before you speak.” So in a sense, it’s kind of nice having an excuse not to talk, especially since it’s something that I do so often.

So over the weekend I just hung out, and on Saturday I went to Fairfield to hang out with Alex. We went and visited Adriana and met baby Matthew.

It was nice hanging out with Alex and Adriana. When we were done visiting, we headed back to Alex’s house and watched The Princess and the Frog, since Alex and Andrea had never seen it, and since I brought it lol. I can just watch it over and over and over again. I kinda sound like Mama Odie right now, too. Oh, and Andrea’s officially going to be a Gaucho. I think I understand why people get so happy when you go to their Alma mater. It’s an exciting thing. I wish I could live vicariously through her as she experiences her freshman year. Haha.

Yesterday, Summer and I decided to go to Rory’s game against Santa Barbara High School, but first we hung out at her house for a little while and then went to McConnell’s. I’m glad I finally got to go there, because it’s one of those places that I’ve been wanting to try. I got mint chip (surprise, surprise). It was good, but I kinda wish I had tried something more original. Guess I’ll just have to go back… The game was fun, but long, and we lost… but it was nice hanging out with Jake and Stephen. Although that is when I lost my voice… hmm. Stephen rescued me from a rogue ball though. That was very funny. So after the game, we all went to Summer’s house and hung out in the back room and had a very nice, long conversation about all kinds of things. It was very nice.

Today I had a midterm. Bleck. At least I only have two more on Monday and then I’m done until finals. Eck, finals. Since Wednesday nights are basically my Fridays, I wanted to watch Buffy, but I had left it at Summer’s house the night before. So of course I went over there to get it, and of course we watched five episodes of it before I left. Leanna watched some with us too, and she discovered that somebody had locked us in the garage. So with my quick-thinking, which I attribute to Buffy and Veronica Mars, I decided that we should bang on the piano so that everyone all throughout the house would hear us and come rescue us. Of course, they all ignored us, but we had fun making creepy noises. It was a very good setting, with Buffy in the background and all the lights turned off. Very nice.

Cabin weekend is this weekend. I cannot believe it is almost upon us. I remember when Ashley first brought it up, and it feels like so long ago. It’ll be nice to be internet- and cell phone-free. I hope I get some studying done though, because of those pesky Monday midterms.

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