So last week, Summer, Christine, and I went to Dos Pueblos High School to watch Rory’s volleyball game with Jake and Stephen. That was really fun. Afterward, Jake and Stephen gave us a tour of DP, where Summer and I sang on the outdoor stage, Stephen and Jake climbed a tree, we ran around in “jail,” waited to spot a shooting star, and had a high school photo shoot. It was such great fun. Then, Carissa, Christine and I watched Lost at Christine’s apartment.

On Thursday after home group, Summer and I hung out with Jake and Stephen. We stopped at Albertson’s to get some ping pong balls, since Jake has a ping pong table, then headed to his house. It was so funny, because I was talking to Summer and had forgotten to tell her where the house was, when I looked to my right and saw Stephen standing on the side walk as we drove right past him. He scared me so much that I dropped my phone in the car, lol. So funny. We had a very nice time hanging out, playing ping pong and using fake accents, and playing with the fake boob samples that Jake’s mom has on their book shelf. Yeah I don’t know. Haha.

Friday I had work because there was a Rugby tournament this past weekend. I had to stand outside for six hours selling parking permits, although it wasn’t that busy. I got kind of sunburned too. I always forget the sunblock because it doesn’t smell like coconut, and I wish that it did. Then that night, Summer, Christine, and I went to Adorn. After Adorn, we went to Christine’s so that she could get her stuff, then came here so that I could get my stuff, then headed on over to Summer’s. We watched Cats Don’t Dance whilst we ate cheesecake and drank the La Fantasia wine from Castello di Amorosa that I got over spring break. It was wonderful. Then we slept over.

The next day, Christine and I went to Super Cuca’s for some breakfast burritos, which are so stinking good, then did Jesus Loves IV with our Bible study girls. It was so awesome. We got to meet some grateful people. Will be praying especially for John and Shay (sp?). So awesome. I wish I could have done it more, but Tuesday would have been the only other time, but I hung out with Ally, so I wouldn’t have had enough time to do both. After we had cleaned, Carissa, Christine, Karen, and I went to Blender’s. Christine and I finally tried it (so we can cross it off our list) and it’s SO good. I like it a lot. I wish I had started going there sooner. After we all had chances to shower, Carissa, Christine, Summer and I went to Goleta Sushi House on Hollister for dinner, then to the drive-in to watch Ferris Bueller. It was so cool being at a drive-in. I really love that movie too. I hadn’t seen it in its entirety in a while, and when Ferris was talking about how he and Cameron were gonna graduate and go to different schools and stuff, I almost started crying, because it reminded me of how we’re graduating soon and moving back to our home homes. Ugh.

Sunday, Christine slept over as usual and then we went to church with Summer. Jake came and found us to say hi, and we saw Jeff and Karen there. Then when we were almost home, we saw Kimberly and Lynn driving on the freeway, so we made sure that they noticed us. They did. It was great. I had to go to work at 12, but Christine and I were hungry, so we went and tried On the Side, since Megan had told us that it was good on Friday. And she was right. It was awesome. So many good things: black straws, good/friendly service, turkey burgers, good fries. Man. Another one to cross off our list. Then I rushed off to work for some more hours in the sun without sunblock. Eck.

Mondays are always such tiring days, since I have work from 7-9 AM, then class non-stop (excluding 10-15 minute breaks in between) all day from 11 AM – 4:45 PM. I take so many notes that my hand hurts by the end of the day from all the writing I’ve done. In my linguistics class, we were talking about race and racism, and so everytime my teacher said ‘racial,’ it sounded like she was saying my name. I mentioned that to Kathleen once in high school, and sophomore year of college she texted me saying that she had heard her professor say ‘racial’ and she thought he said my name, so she finally understood how I would get confused, haha. After class, I met Christine at Caje, since Epic was having a fundraiser. Got a hot chocolate as usual. Really, why would I get anything else? Haha. It was great. Then we went to On the Side AGAIN. And it was just as good the second time. I ordered the same thing, too. Haha. Bible study was awesome, and a new girl came, so that was cool.

Tuesday I biked home in the rain, after sitting in the kiosk, trying to figure out how to not get wet, and got drenched. Bleck. Then Ally picked me up to go to Whodidily. It was so funny because it felt like such a date because she was picking me up, taking me to get cupcakes (she even paid for me, haha) and then we went and sat at the beach, because Whodidily is in Montecito. It was so nice. Good date. And my cupcake was wonderful. I usually don’t like cake-like desserts, like birthday cakes, and usually cupcakes, but I had heard of this place, and how good it is, so I’m glad that we went there, because everything I had heard was true. Haha. Ally got an Oreo Dollop and I got The Whatberry. It was fun hanging out with her. After my “date” with Ally, Summer and I went over to DP to watch another one of Rory’s volleyball games. I really like watching them. Although we missed Christine and Stephen. We got to meet Jake and Stephen’s friend, Alex, though. And, #9 on the other team looked like Jacob Black. Very much so. Yes, Summer and I are creepers. I have taught my friends well. After the game, the four of us went to Jake’s place and watched Glee. I liked watching it, but definitely can’t pick up ANOTHER show to watch. Maybe I’ll catch up with it in the summer. When I have nothing to do and will become a bum…

So Tuesday to Tuesday was a pretty good week. Oh spring quarter, how I love you.

2 thoughts on “Recap

  1. now i really REALLY want a cupcake. but i have tea cookies so maybe not.
    that week was SO good! especially because we got to hang out with so many people like carissa, and ally for you. and now i want to pack my schedule with hangout time.

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