Only 50 Cents

Sometimes I get super random songs stuck in my head, but since they’re usually so random, I haven’t heard them in a while, so I don’t always know all of the words. One that often gets stuck in my head (for some strange reason) is “Brother for Sale,” by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. I love them so much. I watched all of their movies, knew all of their songs, and read all of their books. “Brother for Sale” is one in particular that always comes to me randomly though. The song would make me so mad, because it’s about how they want to sell their older brother because he’s annoying, and I always wished that I had an older brother who I grew up with. Not only are they twins–something I also wished that I could be–and are famous, but they have an older brother who they don’t even want or appreciate. Until the end of the song… And it’s funny to hear them use the word “suffice” when they’re like seven or eight. Haha.

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