Procrastination Station

Sister is gone. She’s on the road back to South City. It was nice having her here. On Tuesday night, I ended up getting an AM set-up shift Mondays 7-9 and then a morning kiosk shift 7-10:30. So it’s kinda gonna suck getting up at 6 AM two days in a row (three days in a row if I keep going to the 8 AM service at Reality, like we did today), but I’m glad that being up that early will force me to be productive on Tuesdays. Hopefully. Plus, once I’m up, I’m up, and I like the idea of getting up early. I just hope that it doesn’t rain tomorrow morning… Eck.

Wednesday we had our Princess Day. Beignets didn’t go quite as we had hoped, but they still came out pretty good, especially for being our first time making them. We’ll try again. Thursday, Steph and I attempted to go to the batting cages, but we ended up at the Santa Barbara Zoo instead, which was good, coz I’ve been wanting to go the zoo for a while now. I like zoos. Except this one didn’t have any hippos, which is always disappointing, but it was still fun.

My faves, the poison dart frogs
This guy was facing the other way, but when I took my camera out, he turned to look right at it!
 Love birds ❤
Thursday night was home group as usual. I love those people so much. Then Friday, Steph and I hung out, went to Adorn, got In ‘n’ Out, and attempted to watch Nights in Rodanthe, but we were so bored that it made us ready for bed. Still need to finish watching it. Maybe. Haha. Steph was pretty bored by Friday, and wanted to leave, but I made her stay. Saturday we did a whole lot of nothing. But it was great. Finally, since we had been so bored, we took a nice stroll through IV, to witness the craziness of the “memory of Floatopia,” since it got canceled. That didn’t keep people from partying though. This is UCSB, after all. Cajé hot chocolate hit the spot though. Man I love those things.
Today, we woke up nice and early and went to church. It was so good today–exactly what I needed to hear. Then Steph left, and Gaby, Christine and I went to breakfast at Garrett’s on Mission and State. Now I feel like taking a nap, but  know that I should be productive and read. But reading will make me sleepy, so really, I SHOULD take a nap, and THEN read. Hmm… I really have nothing else to procrastinate with. I finally caught up on Lost. Now I have to wait til Tuesday night like everyone else. At least now I can be in the loop, and watch it with Christine and Carissa. Good stuff.
This quarter is going to go by so fast since I only have class Mondays and Wednesdays. Trust me, I’m not complaining, but that is one downside to this schedule. It’s going to make everything zoom by. That being the only down side though, I’ll take it. But eck, graduation is looking more and more real, which means so is leaving Santa Barbara and moving back to South City. Which means, my entrance into the real world is fast approaching, and I am definitely not ready. That’s the scary thing. I’m not ready to be kicked out of the nest, and that makes having to fly even scarier. I like this bird analogy. Haha.

3 thoughts on “Procrastination Station

  1. when i read procrastination station i put it into the “friends on the other side” song instead of “transformation central”. now its stuck in my head.
    those poison dart frogs dont even look real!
    45 days left of graduation. 45 days left of making the most of each day before we go home! :]

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