Spring Break

This week has flown by, and yet I feel like I’ve done so much during it. It’s weird to think that exactly a week ago tomorrow, I was taking a final. Eck. Glad those are over with. So after my last final on Friday, I went and got Summer so that we could get going. With Starbucks in hand (or car cup holder, really) we were off. Thank you Castro Brothers, Legally Blonde, and Hairspray for keeping us company as we drove to my house. That was pretty great. We were very tired, and yet, we were still awake enough to stay up until 5 something AM chatting in my room. It was pretty great, but it was time for bed.

When we finally got up–at noonish, haha–we ate some breakfast brunch, then rode around South City to see the “sites,” haha. Then we went to Olive Garden with my parents and sister. Good stuff. Back at home, we started watching The Princess and the Frog, since Steph got it for me as a late birthday present, but in the middle of it, left to go hang out with Tiffy Schmiffy, Eriquito, Chris, and Jeremy and Nubi’s. I sure have missed frozen yogurt. Yum. And my friends, haha.

In the morning we went to Reality. It was very good. Then we went to Safeway and got some food, came back home and ate, and Summer and I drove to Walnut Creek to hang out with her Uncle Chris, Aunt Sue, and Alex. Oh the Wulffs. They made us wonderful food and dessert, and we were introduced to Orangina. Haha. Note: Peppermint-ice cream over a chocolate-covered rice krispies pie crust with shaved chocolate on top is pretty stinkin amazing.


We decided to go to the Walt Disney Family Museum on Monday instead of on Tuesday, and good thing too, since we found out that they’re closed on Tuesdays. We thought it would only take us about three hours, but, being that I had to read every single little thing, it took us more like four and half, haha. It was worth it though.

Since Snow White was the “turning point” in Disney’s career, there was a lot of information on it, which made me very happy. One thing to note; Snow White, when first described, was to be a younger Janet Gaynor type.

Yay for Snow White. That museum is just pretty fantastic. I want to work there, but I think you have to be a special museum-type person, or else you’re a volunteer that stands around in the different rooms. I don’t think I would mind that, especially if I need volunteer hours for something, haha. After the museum, we went and ate at Johnny Rockets. It’s funny how good food tastes to you when you’re very hungry. After we ate, we drove around the city a little–down Lombard St., and through North Beach and China Town. Then back at my house, we waited for Tiff to come over so that we could watch The Princess and the Frog, this time, all the way through. That was wonderful. Man, do I love that movie. Then, since that just wasn’t enough for us, when we went to bed, Summer and I started quoting it from the beginning, and before we knew it, we had quoted our way through the first half of it! So we had to finish. So we did. Including the credits. It was awesome.

The next day, we headed over to the Academy of Sciences, where we met up with Gabriel. That was fun. We got to see the penguins, the albino alligator, the planetarium, the rain forest, and some fishies.

Once we were all done at the museum, we came home for a short break and then were off again on BART to go downtown. A wrong turn got us to the Starbucks where Evaristo works, and he gave us our drinks for free. That was nice, and it was good to see him. Then we did some shoppin til we were a-droppin. Haha. Good stuff. Our last night together was very schleepy. We didn’t go creep on Steph either like we wanted to. “Estephanie!” Haha.

Today we slept in, which was wonderful, then finally made our way over to Masu. Oh dear sushi, how I have missed you so. Then we went to Tanforan to meet up with Tiff and Stef and we walked around for a little while. Then I showed Summer Buri Buri and Alta Loma, and finally sign hill from afar, haha. And then it was time to come back home and pack up. Soon after I had come back home from dropping her off at the airport, she texted me saying that her flight was canceled and that the next one was at 7:30. That sucks. So she should be in the sky right now at this very moment. Fly safely, my dear Summy Wummy.

So that’s been my week. I’m going to go hang out with Robert in a little bit, and then I’ll be back home for sleep! And that’s that. I’m glad that we blog so that we can remember all of the things that have been happening in our lives. It’ll be funny to look back on this. I was reading my old xanga the other day. It’s funny how much I’ve changed, and at the same time, how much I’m still the same. Oh life…

3 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. i like the “estephanie” part hehe
    sounds like you guys had soooo much fun! and i like the abundance of pictures!
    i promise promise promise i'll post something soon. but i havent been on my laptop in a while to dl the pics…right now i'm in st louis on the career services comp. 😛

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