I have a long week of studying ahead of me, but I think I have Spring Fever. I have all of the symptoms. I slept in today, but I’m still schleepy. All I want to do is lay in a hammock and take a nap, whilst the cool air breezes by. Then I want to wake up and listen to Colbie Caillat and Ingrid Michaelson and Jason Castro and Jason Mraz. Man.

Christine and I came to study at Mojo Coffee. We decided that the library would be too crowded, the SRB would be too cold, and the Ucen would be too noisy. And plus, we tried coming here last night to hang out with Jake and Summer, but they were closed. It’s nice because we can sit outside in the shade and in the cool breeze, and when it gets too cold and/or dark, we can just go inside.

I think I’ll get started with actually studying now. Yup.

One thought on “Mojo

  1. this was before we realized that there is annoying pop music (ga ga ooh la la), loud people, and smokey people who like to linger outside…oh and the inconsistent coffee…we need someplace new.

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